Saturday, May 29, 2010

On Dennis Hopper

The actor and director, Dennis Hopper, died earlier today after a short battle with prostate cancer.  Hopper is probably best remembered for the film, Easy Rider.  He starred in that film, directed it, and co-wrote the screenplay with co-star Peter Fonda and writer Terry Southern.  The trio earned an Oscar nomination for writing the screenplay.  Hopper would later earn a "Best Supporting Actor" Oscar nomination for his performance in the film, Hoosiers.

I will always have fond memories of Hopper because of Easy Rider, which I first saw over 20 years ago.  I love that film and heartily recommend it.

Dennis Lee Hopper, who was born in 1936, was 74-years-old.  This AP article via Yahoo provides a broad account of his life.

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