Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Pilger on the "Murdochracy"

In an op-ed for Truthout entitled, "Welcome to the World's First Murdochracy," London-based, Australian-born journalist, John Pilger, describes a sphere of political influence created by News Corp.'s biracial boss (half-human/half-goblin), Rupert Murdoch.  Highlights include:

Dominant themes in the Australian murdochracy, sport and celebrity gossip aside, are the promotion of war and jingoism, American foreign policy, Israel and a paternalism toward Aborigines, the world's most impoverished indigenous people, according to the UN. This antiquated cold warring is not due entirely to the Murdoch press, of course, but the agenda is. When the Indonesian tyrant General Suharto was about to be overthrown by his own people, the Editor in Chief of The Australian, Paul Kelly, led a delegation of editors of most of Australia's principal newspapers to Jakarta. With Kelly at his side, the mass murderer, whom the Murdoch papers promoted as a "moderate," accepted the tribute of each.

As always, Truthout's writers offer insight with surgical precision.

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