Saturday, March 20, 2010

Few Memories of Fess Parker, but I Still Thought He was Cool

Fess Parker, the actor best known for his lead role in the first television miniseries, Davy Crockett, died Thursday, March 18, 2010.  Produced by Walt Disney, Davy Crockett was a huge hit with kids and unleashed a merchandising bonanza, especially replicas of the popular coonskin cap Parker wore as Crockett.  The actor also starred in the Disney film, Old Yeller.  Parker would eventually retire to run a winery and resort.  Parker was 85.

I only recently discovered Parker because a local channel that is part of RTV, the Retro Television Network, has been airing episodes of Parker's NBC series, Daniel Boone (1964-1970).  I have to admit that the strapping Parker has been making quite an impression on me as the firm, but fair and larger-than-life frontiersman, Daniel Boone.  Rest in peace, Mr. Parker.  I hardly knew you, and I won't miss you... thanks to the magic of reruns.

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