Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wesley Snipes is Back (A Negromancer Bits and Bites Extra)

AOL Black Voices has an exclusive interview with actor Wesley Snipes.  "BV on Movies" blogger Wilson Morales talks to Snipes about his new film, Brooklyn's Finest.  The two also discuss Snipes line of graphic novels (which may actually be webcomics) and future work.  No, Snipes says next to nothing about his legal woes.

Now, onto the good stuff:

BV:With some many reboots, remakes and now 3-D would you entertain returning to the 'Blade' franchise?

SNIPES: I would definitely consider it, but to be honest with you, I'm very proactive. While they were deciding if they wanted to have further conversations about 'Blade,' we went and created new urban superheroes. I have one where I call him the Blade killer. We have some new stuff that's contemporary, and that's putting us a 100 years in the future. It's beyond what's created by Marvel. I know how to do this very well, and I think I have a track record of success that has benefited even Marvel and this new trend of vampire movies, from 'Twilight' on down. All of those films have some residue of Blade in them.

I can dream...

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