Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jamie Foxx Developing Mob TV Series's blog, Stay Tuned..., cribbed a story from Deadline Hollywood that Jamie Foxx is developing a mob drama that he plans to pitch to the major cable networks.  You want details:

Jamie Foxx is getting entrepreneurial with a new drama TV project. I hear the Oscar winner over the past two weeks shot a trailer for a potential drama series entitled Tommy’s Little Girl. Selma Blair and Paul Sorvino star in the trailer for the project, which is based on an idea by Foxx. It revolves around several older mobster guys, played by Sorvino, Sopranos alum Tony Sirico and James Russo, and centers on Sorvino’s relationship with his daughter, played by Blair. Foxx is currently editing the trailer for the project, which is being financed by a private investor. When ready, it will be taken out to the top cable networks. Foxx has been focusing on TV producing lately.

Paul Sorvino!  I'm there already.

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