Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indie Horror Flick, "The Dead Sleep" Now on DVD

Fathom-One Releases Independent Feature Film The Dead Sleep

Paul Wells broke the rules in life and it got him killed. To save his daughter, he’ll break the rules in death.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fathom-One and Anthem Pictures releases The Dead Sleep, a new feature film available on DVD from Netflix, Amazon, and other video outlets. The film is not rated.

Shot entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Dead Sleep is a supernatural thriller about Paul Wells, a father in a desperate race to save his daughter’s life. Having made transgressions during his life, Paul plans to makeup for those mistakes by twisting the boundary between the living and the dead.

"In addition to my first impression of The Dead Sleep as a compelling supernatural thriller, the film has an deeply emotional pull, especially for any parent. As a father, I could empathize with the main character's single-minded focus on saving his daughter. I appreciate a film that depicts the strength of family relationships, even transcending life and death," said Barnaby Dallas, Producer at San Jose’s Spartan Film Studios.

The Dead Sleep features Chris Armstrong as Paul Wells, Sarah Foret as Melanie Wells, Tatiana Armstrong as Claire Wells, Robert Fente as Del Craine, and Joshua Close as Tim Days.

Fathom-One is planning a screening of The Dead Sleep July 15, 2010 at 7PM at the BlueLight Cinemas in Cupertino. Further details will be shared via and through the film’s Facebook group and fan pages.

“Stories that deal with the intricacies of life, death and dreams have always fascinated me and that's what initially drew me to James’s script for The Dead Sleep. But this story centers on a father's love for his daughter and that spoke to me not only as a filmmaker but also as a daughter. My father was a strong influence on me and I'm happy I could make this film in his memory,” said Vicki de Mey, Director and Producer of The Dead Sleep and Partner at Fathom-One.

Vicki de Mey has been making films since 2003. Her feature film credits include Unit Production Manager on Drifting Elegant, Producer on Generic Thriller and Producer/Director on The Dead Sleep. She is currently Producer on two Bay Area short films - Project Arbiter and Dearly Departed – and preparing to direct a short film in the fall. Vicki is also a Partner at r&r studios, a Bay Area production and post-production services company.

Tim O’Neill, Fathom-One’s Partner & CEO, has two decades of corporate experience to complement his 4 years as a film producer. His feature film credits as Producer include The Dead Sleep and Blur (, which has yet to be released. Tim is assisting Vicki as Marketing Director on the short film Project Arbiter.

About Fathom-One
Fathom-One is an independent film production and development company based in San Jose, CA. More information on Fathom-One is available at

About Anthem Pictures
Anthem Pictures is the North American Distributor for The Dead Sleep. More information on Anthem Pictures is available at

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