Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Grease: Sing-a-Long" Winners to Be Announced Soon

Paramount Pictures is re-releasing the 1978 musical, Grease (a smash hit back then), as "Grease: Sing-a-Long."  The film is digitally remastered and the song lyrics will appear at the bottom of the screen.  The release apparently will be limited - thus this contest to be among the cities showing the film:

Press release:


The Top 5 Demand it! ® Cities Will Be Announced By Noon on Monday, June 14th

WHO: Fans across the country are “demanding” GREASE: SING-A-LONG come to their hometowns.

WHAT: Paramount’s Insurge Pictures will expand the digitally re-mastered film to 5 additional cities across the country beginning Thursday, July 15th for an exclusive engagement. In addition, Paramount will simultaneously launch Demand it!® Canada.

WHEN: The studio will announce the cities with the highest “demand” by noon PST on Monday, June 14th.

WHY: The announcement comes on the heels of Ocala, FL, John Travolta’s hometown, “demanding” to be among the first select cities to open the digitally re-mastered, sing-a-long version of “Grease.” Paramount selected Ocala solely based on the results of an online poll in which fans across the country could “demand” the musical open in their city. Out of more than 1,700 cities lobbying for the film, Ocala, a town of only 53,000, hit No. 1 on the poll in record time.

Said Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures: “As we saw with “Paranormal Activity,” with the right amount of fan fever, even the smallest towns can win the right to have the film plan in their town via the Demand it! ® Program. We are excited to see which 5 cities top the poll next week.”

WHERE: GREASE: SING-A-LONG will begin playing on Thursday, July 8th in exclusive showings in 12 markets across the country. Tickets for these first cities are quickly selling out, including New York, NY (AMC Village); Los Angeles, CA (AMC Century City); Chicago, IL (AMC River East); San Francisco, CA (AMC Metreon); Boston, MA (AMC Boston Commons); Dallas, TX (AMC Northpark); Atlanta, GA (Regal Atlantic Station); Seattle, WA (AMC Pacific Place); Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, FL (Sunrise Gateway); San Diego, CA (AMC Fashion Valley); Austin, TX (Alamo Lamar); and Ocala, FL (Regal Hollywood).

Is GREASE: SING-A-LONG not playing in your town? Demand it! ® at and help spread the word by tweeting #Grease on Twitter.

Fans around the country will get a chance to re-live all of their favorite moments. Don’t wait and miss out on the fun! Get your tickets now at our official site (

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