Thursday, August 25, 2011

John Pilger on the Recent Riots in London

"Damn It or Fear It, the Forbidden Truth Is There's an Insurrection in Britain"

In an age of public relations as news, the clean-up campaign, however well meant by many people, can also serve the government's and media's goal of sweeping inequality and hopelessness under gentrified carpets, with cheery volunteers armed with their brand-new brooms and pointedly described as "Londoners" as if the rest are aliens.

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  1. The youth having the vigor to express its contempt for a society that has lost its way in leadership and a disgruntled society protesting on uniformity of neurotic correctness of military and police intrusion directed to the individual, and the desire to be free from the insidious threat of interference, this freedom and enjoyment of living in the moment of spontaneous existence is stunted by those who find no satisfaction with the uniform worn and having a sense of the false self, needing to compensate for inner inadequacy, demanding World power for the hungry self and imposing its predatory and insidious authority upon its victim, for who? for the money and the need to be someone posturing as being significant yet deny the self of insignificance.