Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Bambi II" Returns from the Vault - For a Limited Time

BAMBI II SPECIAL EDITION: Walt Disney Studios invites audiences to once again fall in love with the adorable, beloved forest friends - Bambi, Thumper, Owl, Flower and Faline - in this magnificent Bambi II Special Edition, the heartwarming story of a son’s courage and a father’s love. Available for the first time in Blu-ray™ high-definition, this touching sequel to Walt Disney’s original animated classic Bambi is finally releasing from the Disney vault on August 23, 2011 and will be available for a limited time.

Celebrate the unbreakable bonds of family and the power of friendship in this remarkable story, which reveals how Bambi was raised by his father, the Great Prince of the Forest. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy, this collectible release was packaged to include a variety of special bonus features including a new deleted song, interactive games, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and more.

Bambi II will be available for purchase as a 2-Disc Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack for the suggested retail price of $39.99/$46.99 Canada, a 1-Disc DVD for $29.99 U.S./$35.99 Canada, a High Definition Movie Download for $39.99 U.S./46.99 Canada and/or a Standard Definition Movie Download for $29.99 U.S./$35.99 Canada. For more information on this release, please visit www.Disney.com/Bambi2.

PHINEAS AND FERB THE MOVIE: ACROSS THE SECOND DIMENSION- Families can bring home Disney Channel’s original movie, Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across The 2nd Dimension, in the 2-Disc “Ultimate Fan Pack” DVD Set on August 23, 2011. Based on Disney Channel’s #1 animated hit comedy series among Tweens 9-14 for three years running, this epic release comes packaged with a DVD of the movie, a digital copy of the movie with eight digital music tracks, all new bonus features and an awesome do-it-yourself Platypult Kit – all for the suggested retail price of $26.99 in the U.S. and $29.99 in Canada.

This special 2-Disc “Ultimate Fan Pack” also includes a variety of cool bonus features (i.e., eight deleted scenes, an exclusive song, a sing-along “Perry-oke” feature, and a bonus episode). The Digital Copy lets viewers transfer the movie and the eight digital music tracks onto their laptop and/or portable devices of choice – to watch the movie or listen to songs anytime, anywhere and at the touch of a button. The Ultimate Fan Pack is the perfect gift for teens and/or families on-the-go!

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: THE COMPLETE FIFTH AND FINAL SEASON: The final season of the star-studded ABC drama continues the story of the Walkers, a contemporary picture of the American family. At the heart is matriarch Nora, who finds personal satisfaction in knowing her family is happy, however sometimes allows her intentions to be a little overbearing. Her five adult children, friends as much as they are relatives, come together to support each other through the joy and heartache as they try to manage their professional, romantic, and familial lives. Together they face genuine, relatable life issues in this warm and witty drama.

Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Fifth And Final Season, is releasing as a 5-Disc DVD Set for the suggested retail price of $45.99 in the U.S. and/or $54.99 in Canada.

OFF THE MAP: THE COMPLETE SERIES: From the creators of Grey’s Anatomy comes the inspiring medical drama, ABC‘s Off The Map. This exciting series takes viewers to the South American jungle with five idealistic doctors as they explore how far you have to go to truly heal. This sexy action-packed complete series invites audiences to relive the hope and discovery of every unique patient and medical case.

Off The Map: The Complete Series, is releasing as a 3-Disc DVD Set for the suggested retail price of $29.99 in the U.S. and/or $35.99 in Canada

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