Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 BAFTA Longlist Released

The Longlist for the Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2012 has been released.
The Longlist is the result of Round One voting by members of the Academy. With 285 films entered this year, the first round of voting reduced the list of eligible films to 15 in each category*. Round Two voting, which opens today, will reduce these 15 contenders down to the five nominations in each category**. Appearing on the Longlist does not constitute a nomination.

Over 6300 members of the Academy vote in three rounds to decide the Longlist, Nominations and Winners. All members vote in the first two rounds for all categories barring Documentary, Film Not in the English Language and Outstanding British Film, which are voted for by Chapters. The asterisks in the Longlist denote the top five selection of the relevant Chapter***. In the final round, winners are voted for by specialist Chapters in all categories except for Best Film, Outstanding British Film, Documentary and Film Not in the English Language and the four performance categories, which are voted for by all members.

Nominations in all categories will be announced on Tuesday 17 January. The winners will be announced at the Orange British Academy Film Awards on Sunday 12 February.

*Longlists are not announced in the following categories: Outstanding Debut by a Writer, Director or Producer, Short Film and Short Animation.

* *In the Animated Film and Documentary categories, five films are longlisted and three will be nominated.

* * *A Chapter is a group of over 80 members with specialist skills or experience in a particular craft area.

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