Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Curse of the Phantom Shadow" at Kickstarter

I received the following email:

My name is Mark Ross, and I am an independent filmmaker in the Las Vegas area. My current project may be of interest to your readers.

I am currently in production on our short concept film, Curse of the Phantom Shadow. This movie is an homage to:

Radio Dramas
The Phantom
B Movies
Dick Tracy
Spy Smasher
The Shadow
Republic Movie Serials
Comic books
Pulp Novels/Magazines of the 1930s/1940s

Our film takes place in 1948. We have professional actors, some of which have been in Hollywood productions.

Until recently, we were 100% self financed from my personal savings. We are now trying to raise money to finish our production.

I realize you probably get many of requests, such as the one I am about to make [Actually, no I don't.]. However, a mention on your blog would definitely help us with our fundraising endeavors:

I'm flattered that he thinks our little blog could help, and I hope that it does in any way it can.  So please, lend a helping hand if you can and give Mark and company a kickstart.

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