Thursday, April 23, 2015

"To End All Wars" Comics Anthology Earns Two 2015 Eisner Award Nominations

Soaring Penguin Press announces that they are honoured to announce that To End All Wars edited by Jonathan Clode and John Stuart Clark has been nominated for two 2015 Will Eisner Awards: "Best Anthology Title" and "Best Reality-Based Work"

These prestigious awards are presented every year in July at the San Diego Comic Con (Friday, July 10, 2015).

To End All Wars is an omnibus of 27 short graphic narratives based on actual events, characters, circumstances, incidents, myths or consequences of the Great War.

This is a title that Soaring Penguin Press holds dear to their hearts, having been able to work closely with such an amazing group of creators (Over 60 individuals from over a dozen different countries!). Contributors include Sean Michael Wilson, Petri Hannini, Selina Lock, Joe Gordon, Brick, Jonathan Clode, Steven Martin, Matt Soffe, Alys Jones, Kate Charlesworth, Neil McClements, Stjepan Mihaljevic, Francesco Conte, Sarah Jones, John Maybury, Jenny Linn-Cole, Shawn Wagner, Chris Martinez, Sean Fahey, Gary and Warren Pleece, Steve Earles, Bex Burgess, Ariela Kristantina, Chris Colley, Andrew Luke, Ruairi Coleman, Mike Prezzato, Patrick J Walsh, Stuart Richards, Susan Fahey and Colm Regan.

Not only did the publisher get to work with such a great group of artists, but also £2/$3 of every book is being donated to the amazing organization, Médecins Sans Frontières (

"To End All Wars is not just worthy (some of the proceeds from each book go to Médecins Sans Frontières), but enjoyable and illuminating too." – The Guardian

"This fascinating, wide-ranging anthology challenges any revisionist glorifying of heroic sacrifice." – The Independent

The hardback edition is nearly sold out, but readers have the chance to get the paperback edition that is to be released August 2015. It is one of the books available to pre-order from at the special Soaring Penguin Press Kickstarter Subscription ( that is currently running.


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