Thursday, April 30, 2015

Negromancer's Fave Poli-Reads - April 2015 Edition - Update #16

From RSN:  Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

From TheIntercept:  There is a protest over a PEN Award to Charlie Hebdo.

From AlJazeera:  Killers on Blackwater payroll get long prison sentences...  their boss needs to follow them to jail.

From RSN:  Free range parenting vs. busy body servants of the police state.

From TheHill:  Watch President Obama trash talk Washington Wizards forward, Paul Pierce.

From Salon:  White Christian America in sinking numbers.

From YahooPolitics:  Hilary is in.

From TheIntercept:  American media talks about the "Iran nuclear deal," but never interviews any Iranians, while allowing pro-Israel voices to screech their side.

From NBC:  Your professor might be on food stamps.

From FirstLook:  Glenn Greenwald on how political smears in the United States remain the same.

From GuardianUK:  Honestly, there is no chance of Mike Huckabee being President.  Besides, for all his bigotry, I'm pretty sure that he is gay.

From RobertReich:  The rise of the non-working rich.

From RSN: Obama makes historical breakthrough on Iran.  Now, white guys in the Senate get to show how much they envy the achievements of Black men.

From TIME: Indiana tries Sharia law fro LGBTQ.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks about the state of Indiana being on the wrong side of history.

From ThinkProgress: Maggots and rats on privatized prison food.  Michigan in need of a violent revolution.

From BuzzFlash: Roundup is safe, but Monsanto lobbyist won't drink it.

From RSN:  Barbra Streisand - Obama Has Turned the Economy Around.

From Esquire:  Charles Pierce takes down clown David Brooks on "religious freedom."

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