Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Those Crazy Zac Efron Spider-Man Rumors (A Negromancer Bits and Bites Extra)

Those of you who follow such things know the mess that Sony Pictures' Spider-Man franchise has become.  Director Sam Raimi, who directed all three Spider-Man movies, reportedly could not agree with the studio on issues concerning "Spider-Man 4's" plot and villains or even finish a fourth film in time to meet the May 2011 release date.  Thus, Sony not only dumped Raimi, but also the franchise's stars - even Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire.  At that point, Sony apparently decided to relaunch the franchise featuring a younger Spider-Man.

Now, news/gossip/rumor site OK is reporting that Zac Efron of the Disney Channel's "High School Musical" will be Spider-Man... And Vanessa is also supposed to be along for the ride.

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