Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regina King is Frustrated with Sony Pictures over "The Boondocks"

I found this article over at AOL Black Voices:  Regina King, the voice of brothers Huey and Riley Freeman, on Cartoon Network's, "The Boondocks," expresses frustration with the series' producer, Sony Pictures, over the gap between the second season of the hit animated series and the third season.  Although there hasn't been an official announcement, Aaron McGruder has posted statements on the Web saying that the third season of "The Boondocks" will happen, perhaps as early as the end of March.

My favorite quote:

"'Boondocks could be so bigger than what it is," the former '227' actress furthered. "If I had the money to buy 'The Boondocks' off Sony, I would because all of you would be wearing 'Boondocks' T-shirts and there would be Huey and Riley dolls. I would capitalize off of that, and I would be a very rich woman."

I'm also curious as to why the series has been delayed for so long.

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