Thursday, February 25, 2010

Michael Moore for President?

In an op-ed for Truthout, writer Robert Naiman discusses all the good things that would happen "If Michael Moore Were to Run for President."  Naiman believes that the progressive movement and the country would benefit because Moore's campaign would force the current administration of President Barack Obama to return to the progressive, populist agenda he promised when he ran for president:

If Obama's advisers knew for certain that they would face an effective progressive challenge in the 2012 primaries and caucuses, it's likely that they would start making different political choices immediately, because everything they fail to accomplish by spring 2012 would be on the table in the primaries and caucuses: health care for all, putting America back to work, ending the war in Afghanistan. Most analysts seem to think that there was a strong correlation between Obama's announcement of July 2011 as the beginning of US troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and the 2012 election cycle; but an effective primary challenge would bring that calculation forward by six months. It's likely that if Obama's advisers knew they faced a spring 2012 deadline for showing that the war was ending, they would stop undermining Afghan efforts to start peace talks. A Moore campaign could save thousands of American and Afghan lives. In contesting Democratic primaries and caucuses against Michael Moore, Obama's advisers wouldn't be able to prevail by deploying mere rhetoric, because now they're in power, and would have to answer for what they are actually doing.

I doubt that it would be that simple, but a Michael Moore run from the presidency would be great.

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