Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Says Michael Jackson is the Most Influential African-American in Sci-Fi

In honor of Black History Month, produced this list: "10 Most Influential African Americans In Sci Fi."

I posted this link here instead of at my other blog, I Reads You, because most of the people on this list are actors:

10. Richard Roundtree
9. Avery Brooks
8. Michael Dorn
7. Dwayne McDuffie
6. Octavia Butler - the late author of Kindred, Fledgling, the series Lilith's Brood, and others.
5. Duane Jones
4. Samuel L. Jackson
3. Will Smith
2. Nichelle Nichols
1. Michael Jackson

I'm too busy right now to comment on this to the extent that I'd like, but I'll come back to it.

Author Samuel Delany is not on this list.

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