Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Titanium Comics Announces That it Accepts BitCoin

BitCoin First Comes To Comics

Titanium Comics now process BitCoin and various other Digital Crypto Currencies

Titanium Comics announced that they are the first comic publisher that processes BitCoin on their all new revamped website (www.titaniumcomics.com) and Facebook store www.facebook.com/ti.comics. In addition, Titanium is now working with BitPay to handle receiving cryptocurrencies. Titanium is a growing line that offers comics for all genres as well as companion merchandise.

Business Manager Dion Wilson comments “Our fourth quarter releases had to be a bit delayed, but considering the growth potential we gained in the delay we are ok with it! Cryptoocurrencies allow anyone anywhere quiet literally to gain access to our line and we are excited to see the results.”

Arcane #2 is the next release and due to the new time table will hit stores June of 2015.

Written by J.Dominguez
Penciled and Inked by Paolo D' Antonio.
Colors by M. Pagnotta
Created by Don McLiam

Description: Phelan and the Books are now in the hands of the Demon Riders. Quinn is devastated. The Brothers realize they must get the boy back-not only out of love, but because his powers are growing daily and Lucifer's minions will turn him into a servant of darkness. The Arcane Brothers have now got a fight on their hands they never wanted, but definitely aren't prepared for.

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