Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson - March 2015 Edition - Update #30

From Gawker:  The NYPD plan to turn making someone into a felony easy-peasy.

From TechDirt: There is no such thing as "contempt of cop."

From RSN:  In this case, it's a white woman in prison for decades for a murder she did not commit.

From RSN:  Two inmates shot and one is killed... their hands were handcuffed behind their backs.

From ShreveportTime and RSN:  Former prosecutor's words are hollow.

From GuardianUK:  Cleveland PD still killing black teens.

From RSN:  Whatever.

From BuzzFlash:  Chicago PD uses stop-and-frisk against people of color at 4 times the rate of the NYPD.

From RollingStone:  Matt Taibbi on the decision to keep Eric Garner grand jury minutes secret.  I say if you have nothing to hide, what are you hiding.

From YahooNews:  San Fran pigs show their Klan-side in text messages.

From YahooNews:  Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kindel probably called his mother "Aunt Mama" and probably thinks the Ku Klux Klan is super-tubular-cool!

From Truthout:  A history of killing black men and getting away with it.

From CapitalNewYork:  The NYPD kills and abuses, and then changes the Wikipedia entries about those incidents.

From the NewYorker:  Release Eric Garner grand jury records... NOW!

From GuardianUK:  Two cops shot during recent Ferguson protests.

From GuardianUK:  Long overdue - Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson resigns, but gets a a year's severance pay, $95,000.  The city manager left and got $120,000.

From Politico:  Yes, Obama's friend the professor found this out.

From RSN and Slate:  States take over Ferguson court system to restore order and to implement reforms.

From teleSUR:  White cop kills unarmed NAKED black man.

From YahooNews:  More on how Madison police chief is doing it differently from Ferguson Klan chief... err... I mean police chief.

From Truthout:  Why Black America, even the uncle toms, sometimes fear calling the police.

From TheGuardian: Madison police chief has a better control of things than that portly clown in Ferguson had.

From YahooNews:  Black, unarmed, shot dead by cop in Madison, Wisconsin.

From CBCNews: A police officer in Quebec drives 75 miles in a 30 mile zone and kills a five-year-old child.  Canadian media won't name him, nor has he been charged.

From AlJazeeraAmerica:  Shot in the back.

From The Post via RSN:  They're called "SCOPs" and you should know about them.

From TheWashingtonPost:  Attorney General Eric Holder is prepared to dismantle Ferguson police force if necessary.

From HuffPost:  This tale of a drunk white man at White Castle begins the Ferguson PD highlights from the Department of Justice's report.

From YahooNews:  Highlights or low lights from the DOJ's Ferguson Police Department report.

From TheVox:  A selection of 7 racist jokes from Ferguson police and court officials.  They're F'ed up.

From TheVox:  Justice Department's report on Ferguson PD is due this week.  Preview from the New York Times, includes racist jokes (including a horrid one about President Obama), and targeting black to raise funds for the city.

From TheGuardian:  The Chicago PD have their own CIA-like "black site."

From TheGuardian:  After Trayvon, a new Civil Rights movement.

From  City responds to lawsuit by Tamir Rice's family.

From Reuters via RSN:  Justice Department reportedly to sue Ferguson Police Department.

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