Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Shelf Productions Massive $3 Sale 2013 Begins

If you have seen movies like From Hell, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and The Surrogates, you may (may not) know that they were based on comic books and graphic novels.  The publishers of those books is has an annual $3 sale, in which you can get many of their publications for $3, $1, and also half-off.

The following is the press release concerning the sale from Top Shelf Productions co-publisher, Chris Staros:

The 2013 Top Shelf Massive $3 Sale

Welcome to the 2013 Top Shelf Massive $3 Graphic Novel Sale, where you can pick up the year's greatest graphic novels at incredibly low prices by ordering direct from Top Shelf!

For the next two weeks — through Friday, September 27th — Top Shelf is having our annual $3 web sale. When you visit our site, you'll find 150+ critically acclaimed graphic novels and comics on sale — with over 100 titles marked down to just $3 & $1!

Each year Top Shelf uses this sale to help spread the word about our incredible new releases, and raise funds to “kick start” a full rollout for next year. With your help, we'll keep publishing some of the most beloved graphic novels on earth — from award-winning masters and exciting new talents (and yes, even Members of Congress!). Now's your chance to support a great independent publisher and expand your graphic novel collection at the same time.

To go directly to the list of items on sale at the Top Shelf website, just click here:

Buy here or http://www.topshelfcomix.com/specialdeals

But here are a few examples to get you started:

Slashed prices on brand-new releases and beloved perennials!
-- Slashed Prices: March, A Matter of Life, Monster on the Hill, and more!
-- Slashed Prices: Nemo: Heart of Ice, God is Disappointed in You, and more!
-- Slashed Prices: Lost Girls, From Hell, League Century 1910/1969/2009, and more!
-- Slashed Prices: Blankets, The Underwater Welder, Any Empire, and more!
-- Slashed Prices: We Can Fix It, Blue, August Moon, Infinite Kung Fu, and more!
-- Slashed Prices: Unearthing (HC), Super Spy, Crater XV, Heck, and more!

Acclaimed graphic novels from world-class talents for $3!
-- $3 Titles: The From Hell Companion, Unearthing (SC), and more!
-- $3 Titles: The Lovely Horrible Stuff, Upside Down, The Ticking, and more!
-- $3 Titles: Ax, Voice of the Fire, The Homeland Directive, and more!
-- $3 Titles: Gingerbread Girl, Liar’s Kiss, Undeleted Scenes, and more!
-- $3 Titles: Incredible Change-Bots, Night Animals, Underwire, and more!
-- $3 Titles: Lucille, BB Wolf, Pirate Penguin, and more!

Discover a new favorite with these great $1 books!
-- $1 Titles: The Playwright,Tales of Woodsman Pete, Sulk (Vols 1/2/3), and more!
-- $1 Titles: Regards from Serbia, Lone Racer, Van Helsing's Night Off, and more!
-- $1 Titles: SuperF*ckers #1-#4, The Surrogates #1-#5, Beach Safari, and more!
-- $1 Titles: Hutch Owen, Hello Again, Okie Dokie Donuts, Yam, and more!
-- $1 Titles: The Octopi & the Ocean, Conversations #1 & #2, and more!
-- $1 Titles: Comic Diorama, The Man Who Loved Breasts, Hey Mister, and more!

Please note that Top Shelf accepts PayPal, as well as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover — all secure — and that this sale is good for retailers as well (and comic book shops will get their wholesale discount on top of these sale prices):

Buy here or http://www.topshelfcomix.com/specialdeals

And please feel free to share abd re-post this announcement, so your friends can find out about it as well!  

Your friend thru comics,
Chris Staros

Top Shelf Productions
PO Box 1282
Marietta GA 30061-1282


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