Monday, September 24, 2012

Indie Thriller "Dark Hearts" Set to Debut at Raindance

X-Men Star Lucas Till, Sonja Kinski and Goran Visnjic to take Raindance Film Festival by Storm with World Premiere of Indie Thriller DARK HEARTS

Cannes-Alum, Film Director Rudolf Buitendach, Kyle Schmid, X-Men Star Lucas Till, Sonja Kinski and Goran Visnjic Bring Loaded Ensemble Cast and Musical Score to World Premiere Their 'DARK HEARTS' at the Raindance Film Festival, September 29, 2012

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The highly anticipated, star-studded independent thriller Dark Hearts is set to World Premiere at the Raindance Film Festival. The film, directed by Rudolf Buitendach features a loaded ensemble cast and musical score by DJ Paul Oakenfold and members of THE WHO, has garnered a cult following among millennials and dedicated fans of the performers. The film will bow Saturday, September 29th at the legendary Apollo Theater in London’s West End. HEARTS stars X-Men star Lucas Till (Paranoia, Wolves, Walk the Line) Kyle Schmid, (star of BBC America's 'Copper', A History of Violence), international star Goran Visnjic (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, ER, Beginners) and introduces Sonja Kinski, daughter of actress Natassaja Kinski, in her first leading role. Rounding out the ensemble cast are Rachel Blanchard ('Clueless', Snakes on a Plane) and Juliet Landau of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' fame.

The lusty thriller pulses to electrifying musical compilations from some of music’s most prolific artists. The film features an original collaboration between Shirley Manson of Garbage and Gabriel McNair of No Doubt, original compositions from legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold, Richard Strange and Steve Bolton of The Who.

DARK HEARTS marks the directorial feature debut by award-nominated, South African Director Rudolf Buitendach. Named one of the top Directors to watch by the BBC, his short films have played at Cannes, Venice and other premier international film festivals. The trailer he cut for Tom Hardy’s career-launching turn in the movie BRONSON, caught the eye of DARK HEARTS Executive Producer Jack Bowyer.

DARK HEARTS is a sultry thriller set in the mysterious world of underground contemporary Los Angeles: three struggling artists’ lives collide explosively when painter Colson (Schmid) and younger brother Sam (Till) meet musical seductress Fran (Kinski). Colson begins a passionate and forbidden love affair with Fran while his brother looks on. As the brothers fall for the seductive Fran they find themselves drawn into a dangerous and thrilling world. Beset by Fran’s violent tormentor (Visjnic) and the rest of her dark past, her mysterious motives tear the brothers apart as they discover a world of ferocious desire and revenge. The film tackles the age-old question of whether brotherhood can survive love. Can fraternity, loyalty, and unbridled passion and obsession co-exist and survive such DARK HEARTS? Brought to the silver screen from the tightly wound script penned by Christian Piers Betley (Friday Hill, Stranded, 13 Eerie), the picture was lensed entirely on location in Los Angeles, California in June 2011 by twice-Emmy-nominated Cinematographer and Producer Kees Van Oostrum (Gettysberg, Gods and Generals).

Of the film’s exotic and exciting oeuvre, Director Buitendach says, ‘I like films that journey outside of cinematic convention and capture that unquenchable and unyielding quality in the artistic spirit - for me DARK HEARTS had just this quality’. Buitendach has just returned from wrapping production on his African drama Where the Road Runs Out starring Casino Royale star Isaach De Bankole.

Executive Producer Jack Bowyer has a long standing working relationship with Buitendach and said of the helmer, “Dark Hearts was my opportunity to support his visionary and cinematic vision and with his debut as a feature Director, I couldn’t be more excited. It was also a thrilling opportunity as a British Producer to work in the independent and artistic universe of downtown Los Angeles.”

DARK HEARTS was produced through Jack Bowyer Productions, Alexis Varouxakis's Adrenaline Entertainment, Christian Piers Betley's Axel Pictures and Kees Van Oostrum's Black Tulip. The film will World Premiere at the Apollo theater in the West End of London on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at 8:30pm. To request attendance (if you are qualifying press) please contact Charlie Recalde at

Jack Bowyer Productions is a UK-based producer and distributor of independent film. Principal Jack Bowyer founded the company in 2007. JB is a prolific producer and distributor of independent film; their first film was Wesley Snipes-topper Gallowwalker.

Founded in 2008 by Courtney Lauren Penn and Brandon Burrows, Boundless Pictures is a New York City, Los Angeles and Greenwich, Connecticut-based production company that develops, co-finances and produces independent film. Boundless Pictures' in-house publicity team is managing Press for Dark Hearts. Please contact Charlie Recalde at

The Raindance Film Festival is a prominent international independent film festival, famous for premiering Christopher Nolan’s MEMENTO, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and The Blair Witch Project. Raindance will run from the 26th of September to the 7th of October in London's West End at the Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus SW1Y 4LR. For more information contact:

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