Thursday, June 2, 2016

Overground Comics Announces New Comic Book, "Primordium"

Overground Comics seeks to find out if aliens do walk among us in Primordium.

Buffy star Cliff Richards joins the new comic book series.

Overground Comics, the originator of unique comic book properties such as Plus Ultra, Absent Captain, Graduate, and Tinker, announced that they will be publishing a new science fiction series called, Primordium. The books combine the creative team of Cliff Richards, Gene Espy and Christopher Hill.

Story Description
Sometime during the week of July 7th, 1947, something crashed deep within the New Mexico desert. The army claimed they had found a flying saucer only to redact that announcement and replace it with a weather balloon. For the next half century, people debated over what really happened between Roswell and Corona, New Mexico. Only a handful of people really know the truth.

Ryan Spencer is the key to unlocking the story of the century, but he only knows that his life is not going how he had planned. The term Primordium indicates a beginning and throughout this series Ryan and an odd collection of individuals, all with their own agendas, begin to unravel the fog of the past to discover not only what happened on that fateful night over the skies of New Mexico, but also to see how that day has shaped every day after.

Overground Comics Quote
Michael Bornstein, Overground Comics owner commented, “This book is part of our spotlight series where we highlight unique stories and fantastic talent. We love bringing our fans stories with action and depth then couple that with fantastic visuals. For Primordium, we finally see “if they walk among us.”

Release Details
Primordium is currently in the June Previews book (Page 393 STL011647), on sale now. The comic is being published by Overground Comics and distributed nationwide by Diamond Distributers.

Creative Team
Cliff Richards – The Brazilian native’s extensive career has taken him across the comic book landscape. Recognized for his highly detailed and stylized techniques, he is best known for his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Dark Horse. He has continued developing pages for various Buffy spinoffs since. All totaled, Cliff has contributed to over 70 Buffy related books. For Marvel he has drawn for the New Avengers, Rogue, Iron-Man and the X-men among others. With DC, he was noted for his work on Birds of Prey, The Huntress, as well as issues of Batman, Titans, Wonder Woman and Superman. He was also the artist for the 2010 graphic novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel published by Del Rey / Random House. In 2016, that novel was adapted to film in the movie of the same name.

Christopher Hill – Christopher began his comic book career writing custom comic books for Marvel and Triple-A Baseball.  Since then, he has developed books for ESPN, Disney, the Armed Forces Bowl, and the Houston Zoo. In 2015, he created a comic book for those suffering from the disease Chiari Malformation. This year, he has been hired to produce a series on cancer for MD Anderson Cancer Center (the largest cancer hospital nationwide) and Chevrolet. In addition to this series, later this year he will be releasing another series called Monsterwood and has a children’s novel, Wishing Wells Through Waterfalls, debuting in the spring.

Gene Espy – Known on the convention circuit for his impressive detail and mood setting, Gene utilized his gauche painted pages in Primordium as a unique way to tell the flashback stories in the series. This will be Gene’s first published title followed by Monsterwood with Christopher Hill.


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