Thursday, March 21, 2013

Selma Blair Guests on "Out There" on IFC

Tune in on Friday (March 22, 2013) for a new episode of “Out There” at 10/9c:

About the show:
Out There chronicles the misadventures of socially awkward Chad, his little brother Jay (Kate Micucci) and his best friend, Chris (Justin Roiland). Living in the small town of Holford, the boys wander its surreal, bleak landscape waiting out their last few years of adolescence. Along the way, viewers meet Chad’s conservative parents, Wayne (John DiMaggio) and Rose (Megan Mullally), as well as Chris’ single mother, Joanie (Pamela Adlon) and her disastrous boyfriend, Terry (Fred Armisen). They also meet the object of Chad’s affection, Sharla (Linda Cardellini).

Awesome clips:
Coming this Friday, Selma Blair makes a guest star appearance on OUT THERE as the eccentric new girl at school. Check it out here:

On last Friday's episode of OUT THERE, when Wayne agrees to let Chad pull the car out of the driveway, obviously Chad is going to do it perfectly on the very first try and then will execute a perfect three-point turn, merge on to the highway and drive off into the sunset as a fully licensed driver. Or so he seems to think, because driving is really easy and doesn’t involve any practice other than watching your mom or dad do it for 15 or 16 years.

Check out the clip here:

Ryan Quincy discusses his inspiration for the episode “Frosty King" - see how it correlates with the clip of Chad Behind the Wheel!:

Find out more about the show by perusing the Holford High Yearbook:

Here's what the critics are saying about Out There:

"Not since Freaks and Geeks has adolescent humiliation been handled so warmly." - Entertainment Weekly

"Ryan Quincy's coming-of-age cartoon series charms" - Los Angeles Times

"...finding the humor in growing pains..." - Animation Magazine

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