Thursday, August 19, 2021

Fantagraphics Books Publishes French Graphic Novel, "The Butchery"

Award-Winning Cartoonist Bastian Vivès’ THE BUTCHERY is a Poetic Exploration of a Romance Gone Awry

Out This August from Fantagraphics

SEATTLE, WA - This August, Fantagraphics will publish THE BUTCHERY, a poetic graphic novel by award-winning French cartoonist Bastien Vivès which explores the emotional bloodbath of a romance gone awry.

A young man and woman fall for each other, and all is sweetness and light. But when their relationship crumbles, they each must endure the ensuing emotional fallout. Starting from this ostensibly simple premise, Bastien Vivès crafts an affecting narrative about the mercurial and tempestuous nature of romance and why we pursue it anyway.

THE BUTCHERY is composed of the little moments that make and break a relationship: lively dancing, silent strolls hand in hand, stilted phone calls, tearful pillow talk. Rendered with delicate colored pencils and an elegant use of white space, this story achieves an emotional clarity through its skillful brevity. At turns tender, agonizing, and darkly humorous, THE BUTCHERY is painfully relatable to anyone who has loved and lost.

Fantagraphics will publish the poetic and heart-rending graphic novel THE BUTCHERY on August 24, 2021.

THE BUTCHERY is available for pre-order now via Fantagraphics:

The Butchery by Bastien Vivès
$19.99 • August 2021 • ISBN: 9781683964476
92 pages • Full-Color • 7.8” x 11.3”

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About Bastien Vivès:
Bastien Vivès is a Parisian who has drawn or collaborated on more than a dozen graphic novels since his published debut in 2006. The Angouleme Comics Festival granted Vivès the "Revelation" Award in 2009 and the prize for best series in 2015.

About Fantagraphics:
For over 45 years, Fantagraphics has published the very best comics and graphic novels that the medium has to offer. Our mission is to celebrate great cartooning in all of its incarnations, from the form’s early luminaries to contemporary artists currently forging the future of visual storytelling. Not content to rest on our laurels and extensive roster of talented artists, we constantly seek out fresh voices from across the globe. Thus, we honor the rich history of comics while providing a platform for bold new stories, styles, and perspectives that push the boundaries of the medium. Fantagraphics remains peerless in our commitment to be the publisher of the world's greatest cartoonists.


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