Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Fantagraphics to Release Simon Hanselmann's "Crisis Zone" in a Hardcover Book

Simon Hanselmann’s Hilarious Eisner Award-Winning Pandemic Webcomic CRISIS ZONE To Be Published by Fantagraphics in August

The Unabridged and Uncensored Publication Includes 500 Additional Panels and Extensive “Director’s Commentary” from Hanselmann

SEATTLE, WA - In March 2020, as the planet began to enter lockdown, acclaimed cartoonist Simon Hanselmann decided that what the world needed most was free, easily accessible entertainment — so he set out to make the greatest webcomic ever created! The result is also certain to be one of the most acclaimed and eagerly anticipated graphic novels of 2021: CRISIS ZONE, coming from Fantagraphics this August.

Set in the colorful NSFW world of the bestselling Megg, Mogg and Owl series, CRISIS ZONE was born amidst the uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis. As the pandemic continued to escalate far beyond any reasonable expectations, CRISIS ZONE escalated right along with it — in real time, with daily posts on Instagram. Its battle mission was to amuse the masses: after all, no matter how horrible and bleak everything seemed, at least Werewolf Jones wasn’t in your house! Over the course of 2020, CRISIS ZONE amassed unprecedented amounts of new fans to the Megg and Mogg universe and is presented here unabridged and uncensored, with a slew of added pages and scenes deleted from the webcomic, as well as an extensive “Director’s Commentary” from Hanselmann himself.

Watch Megg attempt to bury herself in a digital world of escapism! See Mogg fall down the rabbit hole of paranoia and conspiracy theories! Experience Owl's metamorphosis from timid and uptight worrywort to a no-holds-barred, asskicking leader and back again! Witness Werewolf Jones's journey from reluctant erotic performer, to viral TikTok stardom, to Netflix sensation! Bouncing rapidly between comedy, horror, action, and relational soap-operatics, CRISIS ZONE refuses to take the pedal off the gas as we all hurtle towards unknown destinations.

"Crisis Zone is (I'm told) the ultimate piece of pandemic art,” said Hanselmann. “You won't find a better record of what went down in 2020. Nominated for the Harvey Award and Cartoonist Studio Prize and winner of the Eisner Award for best webcomic. Snubbed by the Pulitzer. Clowns! Big mistake!"

Fantagraphics will publish the hilarious, off-the-wall comic on August 17, 2021.

CRISIS ZONE is available for pre-order now via Fantagraphics:

Crisis Zone by Simon Hanselmann
$29.99 • August 2021 • ISBN: 9781683964445
292 pages • Full Color • 8.5” x 11.1”

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About Simon Hanselmann:
Simon Hanselmann's New York Times Best-Selling Megg, Mogg and Owl series has been translated into thirteen languages, nominated for multiple Ignatz and Eisner awards, and won Best Series at the Angouleme International Comics Festival in 2018. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and daughter.

About Fantagraphics:
For over 45 years, Fantagraphics has published the very best comics and graphic novels that the medium has to offer. Our mission is to celebrate great cartooning in all of its incarnations, from the form’s early luminaries to contemporary artists currently forging the future of visual storytelling. Not content to rest on our laurels and extensive roster of talented artists, we constantly seek out fresh voices from across the globe. Thus, we honor the rich history of comics while providing a platform for bold new stories, styles, and perspectives that push the boundaries of the medium. Fantagraphics remains peerless in our commitment to be the publisher of the world's greatest cartoonists.


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