Monday, July 26, 2021

Comics Review: "RADIANT BLACK #5" Ends First Story Arc with Many BANGS!


STORY: Kyle Higgins
ART: Eduardo Ferigato (pp. 1-23); Marcelo Costa (pp. 24-28)
COLORS: Natalia  Marques (1-23); Marcelo Costa )24-28)
LETTERS: Becca Carey
EDITOR/DESIGNER: Michael Busuttil
COVER: Doaly
VARIANT COVER ARTISTS: Diego Greco; Serg Acuna
28pp, Colors, 3.99 U.S. (June 2021)

Rated “T+/Teen Plus”


Radiant Black is a superhero comic book series from writer Kyle Higgins and artist Marcelo Costa.  The series focuses on a failed writer who discovers a cosmic force that changes his life.  Letterer Becca Carey and designer Michael Busuttil complete the series' creative team.

Radiant Black introduces Nathan Burnett, who just turned thirty-years-old, and things are not going great.  A failed writer (thus far), Nathan leaves Los Angeles and returns home to Lockport, Illinois to live with his parents.  A night on the town with his old pal, Marshall, leads to Nathan unlocking an alien artifact, “Radiant Black,” that changes his life.  This new thing seems totally unique, but there is more to it than Nathan can imagine, so very much more.

As Radiant Black #5 (“Aftermath”) opens, Nathan lies near death, and Lockport is reeling.  Marshall has reluctantly assumed the mantle/suit of Radiant Black.  So now, he want revenge on Radiant Red for dropping a building on Nathan.  But Black and Red are about to discover how bigger than the both of them this all is.

THE LOWDOWN:  I was initially interested in Radiant Black because I read (on the Internet) that it might be the first entry in a new “shared universe” of superhero titles from Image Comics.  Since reading Radiant Black #1 and the subsequent issues I have come to enjoy reading it for its own sake.  And the fourth issue was such a doozy … and you, dear readers, want more Radiant Black reviews.

The guest art team of Eduardo Ferigato and colorist Nat├ília Marques give the story a super-duper twist with their … radiant and vibrant storytelling, which is fitting.  Radiant Black #5 is the end of the first story arc, and it offers plenty of surprises – some quite explosive.  It is a blast to read.  So let's keep reading, dear readers, and reviewing.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans looking for something new with a touch of classic in a superhero comic book will want to try Radiant Black.


[This issue includes an additional story, “The Unleashed: Echoes of Sorrow, Part 1” by Melissa Flores; Eleonora Carlini with Elisabetta D'Amica; Mattia Iacono; and LetterSquids.]

Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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