Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bruce Weber's "Honor Harrington" Becomes a Webcomic


Evergreen Studios enlists comics’ top up and coming female creators for a new take on science fiction’s modern heroine

LOS ANGELES, CA–The brightest young stars in comics have aligned to tell brand new stories of New York Times-bestselling author, David Weber’s female spaceship captain Honor Harrington.

Following up on the Free Comic Book Day release TALES OF HONOR: BRED TO KILL #0, and leading into the second series from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions in June, Evergreen Studios launches the all-new FACETS OF HONOR webcomic to capture the voices of some today’s rising stars!

Jody Hauser (Orphan Black, Vertigo: CMYK) and artist Chrissie Zullo (Fables), who worked together on Womanthology: Heroic, reunite on a story in which Captain Honor Harrington deals with the loss of three shipmates under her command. Recalling a tragic event from her youth, Honor struggles with the fact that death is rarely fair or predictable.

Kate Leth (Bravest Warriors, Edward Scissorhands) and Irene Koh (Batgirl) collaborate on a light-hearted tale that features Honor’s mischievous companion, the alien treecat Nimitz, who gets himself into trouble and is torn between his animal instincts and his role in the fate of another creature in need of help.

Mairghread Scott (Transformers) and Kate Brown (Freak Angels, Young Avengers) tackle Honor’s anger and remorse after an attack by a male classmate in the Naval academy many years ago. Now a commander, Honor must come to terms with past vulnerability and find a way to move on from an event she thought she buried long ago.

“As a guy who writes about strong, female protagonists, seeing a female writer's take on Honor is really, really cool” said novelist, David Weber. “This is a new departure in every sense of the word, one that takes readers into corners of Honor's life we haven't seen before. I think the stories help illuminate aspects of who she is that offer windows for people who aren't already familiar with the books. Hopefully, after they meet her here, they'll go look for her there, too!”

These three stories will roll out weekly exclusively on, with the first installment available to read now.

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About Evergreen Studios:
Evergreen Studios is a visionary production company which finances and develops premium content, and builds narrative worlds for theatrical, television, comics, web, mobile and video game platforms.  The Los Angeles based company is best known for its unique development skills and proprietary technical offerings. Continuously working with franchises to extend the consumer experience and tell stories beyond their native platforms, Evergreen has also taken its military science fiction franchise, TALES OF HONOR, based on the New York Times best-selling Honor Harrington novels, to Image Comic s, as well as to mobile with the game release of The Secret Fleet . Always looking to push boundaries, the team at Evergreen is committed to creating and delivering the best products possible while maintaining the integrity of each brand or franchise. 


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