Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Negromancer's Fave Poli-Reads - May 2015 Edition - Updated #14

From RSN:  I voted for him, but I always thought that he was a bit of dishonest cretin.

From TheVox:  Kansas is at war against the poor.

From Haaretz:   Wow!  No wonder they were supportive of South Africa.

From the LondonReviewofBooks:  Seymour Hersh calls into the question the official account of the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

From Salon: Hersh says he's not backing down on anything he said about Osama raid.


From AlJazeera:  Oppression, segregation, anti-free speech: so much for the MidEast's only democracy.

From BloombergBusiness:  Harold Hamm, a billionaire oil CEO, wanted the University of Oklahoma to dismiss earthquake scientists and he wanted to sit in on the interview process to pick a new head of the geological survey.

From TPM:  He should blame the party he supports.

From TheDailyBeast:  Details on De Blasio's contract with America.

From CommonDreams:  Another financial meltdown looms as many of the practices that caused the 2008 financial crisis remain in practice.

From CNN:  The poor in the U.S. are not the envy of America.

From RSN:  No a black man will not win the GOP nomination.  That means not you, Ben Carson.

From YahooNews:  Poverty is creeping into the 2016 Presidential race, putting Republicans in a tenuous position.

From CNN:  Carly Fiorina is running for President.

From TIME:  Why Fiorina is controversial.

From BuzzFlash:  5 steps to privatizing everything.

From RSN:  An actual socialist is running for President.

From Consortium:  The day after Damascus falls.

From RSN:  Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

From TheIntercept:  There is a protest over a PEN Award to Charlie Hebdo.

From AlJazeera:  Killers on Blackwater payroll get long prison sentences...  their boss needs to follow them to jail.

From RSN:  Free range parenting vs. busy body servants of the police state.

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