Friday, July 2, 2010

Dust Settles on Tyler Perry-Boondocks Psuedo-Feud

AOL Black Voices has an update on The Boondocks/Tyler Perry conflagaration here, and apparently some of the rumors are false.  Perry will not sue.  What follows is a recap from Black Voices:

The June 20 episode of his satirical series, titled 'Pause,' features a character named Winston Jerome, a religious playwright-director-actor who also cross-dresses as a no-nonsense grandmother named Ma Dukes in movies and chitlin' circuit plays. The imagery immediately brings thoughts of Perry's star character Madea Simmons to mind. Granddad is cast as Ma Dukes' love interest, and his grandsons, Huey and Riley, break into the a well-guarded compound to rescue their beloved guardian and save him from a homoerotic religious cult.

By the way, this third season is apparently the final season for The Boondocks.

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