Sunday, July 31, 2011

Negromancer News Bits and Bites July 31 2011 - Weekend Edition

News for me and news for y'all:

A Dark Knight Rises News Alert!  Total Film has found several set pictures of Tom Hardy in one of his Bane costumes.


They're rioting in the streets. Lawd! Two theatre chains, Regal and AMC, have cancelled showings of the documentary, Electric Daisy Carnival Experience, after violence erupted at the Hollywood premiere earlier this week.  The documentary is about the Electric Daisy Carnival, an annual electronic music festival or rave.


The New York Times has a short article on Steven Spielberg's busy year, which will end with two films he has directed, Tintin and War Horse.


At the recently concluded 2011 Comic-Con International in San Diego, Francis Ford Coppola talked about his 3D film, Twixt.  Reuters has the story and an interview.


Over at the excellent Box Office Mojo, Brandon Gray puts a beatdown on the lies being told by supporters of the Sarah Palin clownumentary... I mean documentary and propaganda puff piece, The Undefeated.

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