Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson - December 2014 Edition - Update #28

From TheGuardian:  Another "I Can't Breathe" t-shirt controversy.  The truth hurts, doesn't it.

From YahooNews:  There was hell to pay for the callous comments about the Mike Brown memorial in Ferguson.

From Yahoo News via RSN:  Hundreds of cop killings of civilians not reported to the FBI.

From Reuters via RSN:  Hillary Clinton backs federal probes of Mike Brown and Eric Garner killings.  Already she has more balls then so-called Democratic governors in Missouri and New York.

From YahooNews:  If you don't want to hear "wings on pigs," then, don't do this.

From YahooNews:  Off-duty, black cops feel the boot of their white colleagues, also.

From YahooNews:  Black, unarmed, and shot dead by a cop in Houston.

From the NYT:  Sad story about a Ferguson moment in Louisville, Kentucky back in 1999.

From the NYT:  Okay, don't act like you don't know why some people react crazily.

From the NYT:  Yes, police must stop the abuse of Black men.

From RollingStone:  Matt Taibbi: The police in America are becoming illegitimate.

From YahooNews:  Ray Kelly, who sires rapists, and Giuliani, whose vanity led to the deaths of scores of firemen, on 9/11, blame President Obama and Mayor de Blasio for the murder of two New York policemen on 12/20/2014 by a lone gunman.

From AlJazeeraAmerica:  Yeah, we should be suspicious of the Oath Keepers.

From YahooNews:  Why the LAPD is not like the NYPD or Ferguson Police Department.

From YahooNews:  Could NYPD killings trigger a backlash against protestors.

From YahooNews:  Baltimore gang member kills two New York policemen, before killing himself.

From Esquire:  Why police unions have been making deranged responses to the responses to their brutality.

From YahooParenting:  Second graders do Ferguson protest.  One student's father is a cop.  "Daddy, do you shoot people?" he claims she asked.

From TheGuardian:  Remember John Crawford, shot dead by a cop in an Ohio Wal-Mart?  Well, The Guardian has obtained video footage of cop threatening his girlfriend.

From RSN:  Football still representing... damn what the pig's unions have got to say.

From RSN:  FBI to investigage North Carolina trailer park lynching.

From RSN:  Huge marches protesting police violence.

From YahooNews:  The National Bar Association wants Darren Wilson stripped of his license to carry a badge anywhere in Missouri.  The NBA is the nation's largest group of African-American lawyers and judges.

From ThinkProgress:  The woman who could hit reset on Mike Brown-Darren Wilson case.

From ThinkProgress:  The one word that kept Darren Wilson out of jail (It's "reasonable").

From GuardianUK:   In Brooklyn, a rookie cop kills an unarmed black man and calls his union rep instead of 911.

From YahooNews:  No indictment for Eric Garner's murderer.

From YahooNews:  Another angry white guy.  No, "Morning Joe," even 95 percent of white people don't agree with you.

From YahooSports:  Angry old white guy, Mike Ditko, embarrassed for the Rams players and demands that we not weaken the police anymore than they already are.  First, I'm sure the Rams players don't give a f**k.  Non-indictments say Ditko is clueless about the weakness of cops - especially post 9/11.  Maybe, he just needs a Viagra and beer.

From RSN:  A "Dear White People" essay from Carl Gibson.

From YahooNews:  America's mayor, Rudy Giulani, says that Ferguson grand jury should not have indicted.  This from a man whose vanity caused the death of many fireman on 9/11, an event from which Giulani made tens of millions of dollars.

From YahooSports:  One of America's favorite media quote machines, Charles Barkley, is down with Darren Wilson.

From YahooSports:  St. Louis cops union pissed at St. Louis Rams.

From WashingtonPost:  Holding an entire community in contempt by Eugene Robinson.



From TheIntercept via RSN:  Klan jury... I mean grand jury in Mike Brown's shooting began Wednesday, August 20th, 2014.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot to death, reportedly by police officer Darren Wilson, on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at approximately 2:15 pm on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri.  Ferguson is a small city in St. Louis County.  The shooting of the unarmed Brown sparked a furious backlash and days of protests, some violent and involving looting.  What follows is a list of links to news articles about the shooting and related matters:

From the StLouisPostDispatch:  An early article about the Michael Brown shooting

From the LosAngelesTimes:  This is the earliest (or oldest) article that I could find about the Michael Brown shooting.

From HuffingtonPost:  Another early article about the local African-American community's reaction to the shooting of Brown

From PrisonCulture:  A searing image of Michael Brown's father

From the WashingtonPost via RSN:  More of Darren Wilson's history and background emerges; it seems that he was previously associated with another police department that had a bad relationship with the local black folks.

From  Al Jazeera via RSN:  Darren Wilson: Judge, jury, and executioner.

From YahooNews via CSM and the AP:  Shooter a.k.a. Darren Wilson tells his "side" of the story about how he shot an unarmed black man to death.

Updated Shooting Timeline:  The AP via YahooNews.

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