Sunday, December 28, 2014

Everything's Peachy... if by "Peachy" You Mean Hemlock - Update #77

There's no "race problem" in America.  We all have black friends.  I even have more than I need.  [I call some of them relatives.]  Dr. King's dream has not become a nightmare.  It's become a dytopian vision of future that simply dresses the dark past in new fangled rags. - Leroy 16, Aug. 2014

From AlterNet:  A great review of the new film, Selma.

From YahooParenting:  7 things I can do that my black son can't.

From CNN:  I remember hearing about Macy's racial profiling case, but not this one involving "Treme" actor, Robert Brown.

From Reuters via RSN:  Off-duty, Black NYPD cops feel threat from White colleagues.

From TheDailyBeast:  After they fired the shots, they're the victims...

From NYTimes:  Police shootings reveal racial chasm... D'uh.

From Time:  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to White people feeling targeted by Ferguson protests - Welcome to our world.

From MiamiHerald:  The rules are indeed different for Black people seeking justice.

From TheGuardian:  Gentrifiers having to throw people out of their homes.

From CNN:  Racism without racists.

From the GuardianUK:  Jesse Jackson says we can still get justice for Mike Brown.  I kinda doubt it, but I'm hopeful.

From Esquire:  The rise in police shootings, even in places like Utah.

From YahooNews:  Another black male with a toy gun shot to death by cops - this time the black male is a child.

From CSMonitor:  Mumia Abu-Jamal sues over the Pennsylvania law specifically meant to gag him.

From RSN and FirstLook:  Yes, we do need someone to judge the judges because Judge Edith Jones is an ignorant racist bitch.

From FirstLook:  How the innocent are screwed into pleading guilty.

From NPR:  Black and dead in Brazil.

From ConsortiumNews:  Is Arlington, VA racist?  Probably.

From RSN:  Did you know that Denver cops had killed an unarmed street preacher.  It costs them $4.6 million?  That was an expensive cap-popping.

From RawStory:  Dead in Alabama jails to save money.

From TheNation:  How racism stole black childhood.

From RSN:  Cops killed 77 people in September 2014.

From the NYT:  Civil asset forfeiture - makes me wanna support Clive Bundy.

From Demos via RSN:  A third of Americans live at or near poverty.

From YahooNews:  Expelled Nazis and SS still get Social Security paychecks.

From Think Progress via RSN:  Funny Ebola freak-outs.

From YahooNews:  Michael Dunn gets life for killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

From Truthout:  Incarceration, mass murder, and genocide of Black men.

From FreeThoughtProject:   Cops with gang tattoos to celebrate the people they kill.

From Truthout:  Understanding our many Fergusons.

From YahooNews:  Another unarmed, innocent black teen attacked by white cops on a racial profiling rampage.  Luckily, the cops didn't kill him.

From GQ via RSN:  An interesting article about murderer, George Zimmerman's crappy family.

From News 13 via RSN:  Michael Dunn found guilty of murdering black teenager, Jordan Davis.

From Truthout:  Cops retaliate against citizens group that monitor police activity.

From Salon via RSN:  America's summer of white supremacy.

From InformedComment via RSN:  $8.7 billion in food stamp cuts, but $22 billion to fight ISIS.

From TheNewYorkTimes:  When Whites Just Don't Get It Part One and Part Two.

From the HuffingtonPost:  Los Angeles law enforcement kill about one person a week - I'm not surprised.

From YahooNews:  JUSTICE:  Woman beat up by CHiP cop, wins $1.5 million and cop resigns.

From NPR:  INJUSTICE:  Grand Jury refuses to indict murders... I mean cops involved in the shooting death of an unarmed man in Ohio Wal-Mart shooting.

From BearingArms:  Family wants charges against fat lying bastard who made the 911 call that led to the murder of their son.

From Salon via RSN:  The strange death of Charles Smith.  Shot to death while handcuffed, supposedly in possession of gun.

From Salon via RSN:  Rock the Vote joins militia group to intimidate Wisconsin African-American voters in November.

From CBS:  WHITE South Carolina state trooper charged in shooting of UNARMED BLACK MAN.

From Salon via RSN:  Yes, Justice Scalia is "an utter moral failure."

From the Guardian UK via RSN:  Cops act like gang in assault on Latino man.

From the AP via RSN:  Students walk-out in protest over conservative school board's attempt to make history education emphasize respect for authority and the free-market.

From the Guardian UK via RSN:  By the way, a federal judge approved New York City's settlement with the Central Park Five.  Former mayor, Michael Bumberg, had fought the lawsuit.

From The Washington Post via RSN:  Cops seizing hundreds of millions in cash and property from motorists not charged with crimes.  First heard about this a month ago, and I'm still shocked.

From Campus Reform via RSN:  Students and faculty have to tell Clemson University how many times they've had sex...  Apparently, this is real.

From The Daily Beast via RSN:  Ferguson cops caught in a lie about blood on their uniforms and got away with it... for now.

From BuzzFlash via Truthout:  For Black youth, no mistakes allowed.  It could be fatal.

From TheWashingtonPost:  White rage against Black progress.

From the GuardianUK via RSN:  Yep, the cops shot Darrien Hunt in the back.  Had to admit it.

From Esquire via RSN:  It's never about race, right?  Riiiiiight.

From The Intercept via RSN:  No heads in the sand on ISIS beheading videos.

From Truthout:  NRA hold "killer cop contest."Includes a "Head Shots Only" competition.

From the SPLC via RSN:  Neo-Confederate group forms paramilitary unit to advance a second secession.

From YahooSports:  Yeah, there are good cops...

From CBSLocal via RSN:  Free Patrick McLaw - A teacher an self-published science fiction author placed on administrative leave after his work was discovered.  Free Patrick McLaw.

From ABCNews:  John Crawford, Jr., the father of Wal-Mart shooting victime, John Crawford, III, hears his son's dying breaths.

From YahooNews:  So-called witness in John Crawford shooting - the guy who called 911, has changed his story.

From BuzzFlash:  Black men who "open carry" get a cap in the ass from cops.

From TomDisptach via RSN:  We made ISIS.

From Truthout: U.S. slammed for failure to end all forms of racial discrimination

From Reuters via RSN:  Federal prosecutors will investigate the shooting death of Victor White III, a Louisiana man whose death had been previously ruled a suicide.  Supposedly, he shot himself while handcuffed in the back of a police car.

From LATimes:  Two brothers who were wrongly convicted of the murder and rape of an 11-year-old girl in North Carolina were freed Wednesday morning, September 3, 2014.  They spent 30 years in prison.  One was 19 and the other were 15 when they were arrested in 1983.

So is a Black man in America more afraid of police and the justice system or of ISIL/ISIS?

From ThinkProgress via RSN:  Ain't it the truth, girl - America has a real racial problem - Justice Ginsburg.

From GlobalVoiceOnline:  Israeli soldiers used Gazans as human shields  This is not the first time I have heard of this.  They way Israelis act, one would think Palestinians were the ones who caused the Holocaust.

From Truthout:  Black women on "Women's Equality Day."

From NateSilver via RSN:  Most police don't live in the cities they serve.

From TheNation:  How Trayvon Martin's death launched a new generation of black activism.

From MotherJones:  How indeed.

From BuzzFlash: A piece on Ferguson police officer, Dan Page, and his racist speech given before the Oath Keepers in April 2014.  From TheAdvocate and TheGuardian - Page's speech.

From YouTube:  Ferguson police officer, Dan Page, threatening CNN's Don Lemon.

From Truthout:  "We won't go back" - the march for Eric Garner.

From Truthout:  The killing of black men continues...

From YahooNews:  Activist carry the coffin of a black woman killed by a white Phoenix police sergeant to the steps of City Hall.

From Valid:  More commentary on Michelle Cusseaux, the black woman killed by a white Phoenix police officer.

From BuzzFlash via Truthout:  Most whites still don't understand the danger of being a black man in the U.S. ...

From Esquire via RSN:  Charles Pierce - Ferguson: The Limits of Everything

From Reuters via RSN:  President Obama order review of police militirization

From Salon via RSN How to Wreck the GOP in 3 Easy Steps! - Obama and weak-kneed Democratic leadership won't do this.

From RSNWhere Were the Soldier Cops at Bundy Ranch?  - Good questions, Marc Ash.  There is a markedly different response to black protestors in Ferguson, Missouri than there was to the white, gun-toting protestors at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

From Popular Resistance via Truthout:  The reality of militarized, racist policing ...according to a recent study, a black man is killed every 28 hours by police, security guards or vigilantes. The whole nation is experiencing these tragedies; reality is being forced upon us.

From Time via RSNKareem Abdul-Jabbar: "The Coming Race War Won't Be About Race." He says that it will be about class.  He also wonders if the event in Ferguson, Missouri will disappear down the memory hole as the shootings at Jackson State in 1970 - 10 days after the Kent State shooting.

From Salon via RSN: The criminalization of Black mothers.

From Truthout:  It's worth standing with Keith Ellison.

From BuzzFlash:  President Nixon's Vietnam treason confirmed


From The Intercept via RSN:  How Gary Webb was destroyed.


From Suggest:  10 celebs you didn't know were black.

From RedFlagNews, you will learn that everything is not peachy.

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