Monday, April 19, 2021

DC Comics New Releases from Lunar Distributors for April 20, 2021


Batman Creature Of The Night TP, $19.99
Batman Fortnite Zero Point #1 (Cover A Mikel Janin), $4.99
Batman Fortnite Zero Point #1 (Cover B Kenneth Rocafort Card Stock Variant), AR
Batman Fortnite Zero Point #1 (Cover C Donald Mustard Premium Variant A), AR
Batman Vs Ra’s al Ghul #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Neal Adams), $3.99
Catwoman #30 (Cover A Joelle Jones), $3.99
Catwoman #30 (Cover B Jenny Frison Card Stock Variant), AR
Dark Nights Death Metal The Darkest Knight TP, $19.99
Flash #769 (Cover A Brandon Peterson), $3.99
Flash #769 (Cover B Zi Xu Card Stock Variant), AR
Flashpoint The 10th Anniversary Omnibus HC, $150.00
Justice League #60 (Cover A David Marquez), $4.99
Justice League #60 (Cover B Kael Ngu Card Stock Variant), AR
MAD Magazine #19, $5.99
Nightwing #79 (Cover A Bruno Redondo), $3.99
Nightwing #79 (Cover B Jamal Campbell Card Stock Variant), AR
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #109 (Cover A Derek Fridolfs), $2.99
Superman Red And Blue #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Nicola Scott), $5.99
Superman Red And Blue #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Brian Bolland), AR
Superman Red And Blue #2 (Of 6)(Cover C David Choe), AR
Superman Up In The Sky TP, $16.99
Truth And Justice #3 (Cover A Doug Braithwaite), $4.99
Truth And Justice #3 (Cover B Joshua Sway Swaby), AR
Wonder Woman Volume 4 The Four Horsewomen TP, $29.99

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