Saturday, June 20, 2015

Negromancer News Bits and Bites for the Week of June 14th to 20th, 2015 - Updated #13

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From CinemaBlend:  Vin Diesel as "Kojack" apparently is happening.

From Vulture:  First look at leads from Ghostbusters reboot.

From YahooMovies:  The Blind Side hurt Michael Oher's NFL career?

From YahooStyle:  Yeah, there are several things "wrong" with this photo.

From YahooMovies:  Season 5 finale of "Game of Thrones" killed it.

From Deadline:  Box office updates this morning say that Jurassic World passed Marvel's The Avengers for the highest 3-day weekend box office gross - with $208 to $210 million haul.

From BoxOfficeMojo:  The winner of the June 12th to 14th, 2015 box office is Jurassic World, with an estimated take of $204.6 million.  That is the biggest June opening weekend ever, the biggest opening weekend of the year (ahead of Avengers: Age of Ultron's $191.2 million last month), and the second largest opening weekend ever (behind Marvel's The Avengers $207.4 million in May 2012).

From HuffingtonPost: "A Suite Life of Zack & Cody" mini-reunion" because they stars, twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse, graduated from New York University.  I love that show.

COMICS - Films and Books:

From YahooMovies:  A history of the ill-fated proposed Batman films leading up to Chris Nolan's Batman Begins in 2005.


From Apple:  New Peanuts trailer.

From DreamWorks:  New Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer.

From TheVillageVoice:  Amy Nicholson reviews Inside Out.


From YahooMovies:  Kirk Kerkorian has died.  A Hollywood wheeler-dealer, he is best known for his association with MGM and United Artists.

From Deadline:  Film producer Robert Chartoff died Wednesday, June 10, 2015.  Along with his partner, Irwin Winkler, he won the best picture Oscar for producing Rocky.

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