Friday, December 9, 2011

New People Screens Three Films for Holiday Season


Japanese Pop Culture Venue Welcomes The Holiday Season And Presents Eatrip, DOCUMENTARY Of AKB48 to be continued, And GANTZ II: Perfect Answer At The Bay Area’s Hottest Movie Theatre

NEW PEOPLE, the nation’s only entertainment complex dedicated to Japanese popular culture, has announced a trio of Japanese live-action films to screen on Saturday, December 17th at the venue’s SF Film Society NEW PEOPLE Cinema. The screenings will include the culinary documentary Eatrip, which plays at 1:00pm, the newly released music biopic, DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 to be continued, which plays at 3:00pm and again at 8:30pm, and finally the action-packed conclusion of the celebrated GANTZ sci-fi saga with a showing of GANTZ II: Perfect Answer at 5:00pm. Tickets are $10.00 each per film. Information and advance tickets are available at:

Filmgoers that bring their movie ticket to NEW PEOPLE, The Store, located in the building’s lobby, before or after each show will receive $10.00 off any NEW PEOPLE Entertainment DVD or Blu-ray release that day.

Eatrip - Screens at 1:00pm
The film takes audiences on an intriguing journey throughout Japan and features interviews with interesting personalities from a variety of walks of life to look at how life can be led richly through the daily ritual of eating. To eat is more than a necessity – it’s a universal experience all human beings share. In the film, Yuri Nomura embarks on an insightful journey throughout Japan to examine the daily rituals of eating among people from different walks of life. Actor Tadanobu Asano, singer UA, and fashion designer Jurgen Lehl are among those featured. From the Tsukiji fish market to a farm in Okinawa, Eatrip offers poignant interviews with intriguing personalities including the head monk of a famous Buddhist temple; a distributor of Japanese soup stock (Bonito broth); an Okinawan woman leading a self-sustainable lifestyle devoid of modern conveniences; a tea ceremony master, and a musician and writer who recites poems about food. Eatrip is available now on DVD from NEW PEOPLE Entertainment.

DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 to be continued - Screens at 3:00pm & 8:30pm
The new music biopic follows the unstoppable all-female Japanese pop idol group, AKB48, on their incredible rise to fame. AKB48 was conceived in 2005 by Yasushi Akimoto, one of Japan’s most respected music producers. Beginning as a small all-girl singing group based in the Akihabara district of Tokyo – the city’s bustling electronics and anime/pop culture shopping Mecca – AKB48 has grown to 60 members and topped Japan’s Oricon music charts with the two best-selling pop singles in 2010 as well as another two singles ranking in the Top 10. The film was just released by NEW PEOPLE Entertainment on DVD on December 1st.

GANTZ II: Perfect Answer - Screens at 5:00pm
The GANTZ saga meets its ultimate conclusion in GANTZ II: Perfect Answer, which offers an intensely gripping story-line yet to be known to even readers of the original manga series. Determined to resurrect his friends who have died on previous missions, Kei and other members trapped in the world of GANTZ aim to score the 100 points needed to break through and regain their freedom. But with the emergence of a mysterious man investigating the Gantz members, Gantz begins to act up and the next target shocks the members. Some fight for love, some for justice but what will each member have to sacrifice? GANTZ is based on a popular manga series created by Hiroya Oku and star leading Japanese actors Kazunari Ninomiya (Letters from Iwo Jima) and Kenichi Matsuyama (Death Note, Detroit Metal City). GANTZ II: Perfect Answer will be released by NEW PEOPLE Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray on January 17th, 2012.

The SF Film Society
NEW PEOPLE Cinema is a 143-seat subterranean theatre located at 1746 Post Street in San Francisco’s Japantown and features plush seating, digital as well as 35mm projection, and a THX®-certified sound system.

About NEW PEOPLE, Inc.
Based in San Francisco, California, NEW PEOPLE, Inc. ( offers the latest films, art, fashion and retail brands from Japan through its unique entertainment destination as well as through licensing and distribution of selective Japanese films. NEW PEOPLE Entertainment (, a film division of NEW PEOPLE, Inc. strives to offer the most entertaining motion pictures straight from the "Kingdom of Pop" for audiences of all ages, especially the manga and anime generation, in North America. Some titles include DEATH NOTE, GANTZ, KAMIKAZE GIRLS, and THE TASTE OF TEA.

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