Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson - February 2015 Edition - Update #11

From  City responds to lawsuit by Tamir Rice's family.

From Reuters via RSN:  Justice Department reportedly to sue Ferguson Police Department.

From YahooNews:  The Department of Justice will announce that it will not file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman for killing teenager, Trayvon Martin.  Looks like we need some street justice on this one.

From Reuters:  A cop who shot an unarmed man is indicted in Kansas City.

From RT:  Protests ignite in Pasco, Washington over the police killing of a Latino man.

From YahooNews:  Cop who killed a black man in a Brooklyn stairwell is indicted.

From Guardian:  I can't even describe this one, other than police kill black man, because it so bizarre and ridiculous.

From RSN:  Cop who shot a young man in the back is charged with murder.

From TheDailyKos:  The emerging trend of innocent black men and boys dying after calls to 911

From YahooNews:  A man from India was profiled in the neighborhood where his son lives; then, he was severely beaten by an Alabama cop.

From Esquire:  Civil rights attorney sues over Ferguson's debtor's prisons.

From ThinkProgress:  Cops who want a free hand to kill unarmed civilians attack New Mexico prosecutor.

From YahooNews:  Brawl erupts at meeting to find peace between black people and St. Louis cops.  White cop antagonizes until brawl erupts.

From DetroitFreePress:  After two hung juries, Joseph Weekley, the white Detroit cop who fatally shot a seven year old black girl during a raid, will not face a third trial.  The shooting happened during a raid that was filmed by the show, "The First 48."

From NYT:  The Justice Department will not bring charges against Darren Wilson, the man who killed Michael Brown.  Mike is dead.  Wilson is now a millionaire because of donations he received for killing a black man and the $500,000 ABC News gave him for exclusive, softball interview.  The victim is dead.  The killer is rich.  Yep, doesn't sound like a civil rights violation.

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