Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Negromancer's Fave Poli-Reads - February 2015 Edition - Update #8

From NewYorkTimes: It is racist because you are a racist, Giuliani.

From RollingStone:  Matt Taibbi dogs Rudy Giuliani.

From Reuters via RSN:  Kate Brown, the new governor of Oregon, becomes the first openly bisexual governor in U.S. history.

From RawStory:  I am always amazed by Sarah Palin's ability to be both pimp and prostitute at the same time.

From Esquire:  Charles Pierce - Why didn't Scott Walker graduate from college.

From Reuters:  John Stewart is leaving "The Daily Show."

From YahooNews.  The racist senior advisor to Rep. Aaron Schock (R. Ill) resigns.

From The Intercept via RSN:  Glenn Greenwald on whiny, privileged celebrity journalists.

From NewYorkMag:  Greenwald's target.

From RSN:  President Barack Obama: Blueprint for Middle-Class Economics

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