Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson - January 2015 Edition - Update #20

From YahooNews:  Brawl erupts at meeting to find peace between black people and St. Louis cops.  White cop antagonizes until brawl erupts.

From DetroitFreePress:  After two hung juries, Joseph Weekley, the white Detroit cop who fatally shot a seven year old black girl during a raid, will not face a third trial.  The shooting happened during a raid that was filmed by the show, "The First 48."

From NYT:  The Justice Department will not bring charges against Darren Wilson, the man who killed Michael Brown.  Mike is dead.  Wilson is now a millionaire because of donations he received for killing a black man and the $500,000 ABC News gave him for exclusive, softball interview.  The victim is dead.  The killer is rich.  Yep, doesn't sound like a civil rights violation.

From NYT:  New Mexico killer cops charged with killing homeless man.

From RSN:  The cops who killed Tamir Rice tackled his sister to the ground when she tried to help her dying baby brother.

From FireDogLake:  Activists move to remove St. Louis County Prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, from office.

From TPM and News9:  White man shoots black police chief and will apparently get away with it.  Chief was not killed because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

From StLouisDispatch:  A member of the Mike Brown grand jury wants to speak, and is suing district attorney, Bob McCulloch, to do so.

From Esquire:  Mike Brown, Sr. and the agony of the black father.

From YahooNews:  Trayvon Martin's killer ordered to turn in his weapons after this third arrest for domestic violence.

From TheDailyKos:  This Montana police officer specializes in killing unarmed men during routine traffic stops.  He's never been charged.

From RSN:  Over $300 million paid to settle misconduct suits and claims against the NYPD from 2006 to 2012.

From RSN:  The Justice Dept.'s report on the Cleveland Police Department.

From YahooNews:  #EndWhiteSilence - Pittsburgh's new police chief has more balls than the Steelers showed Saturday night.  15 points on offense? Really?

From YahooNews:  The "Black brunch" protests take off in NYC and Oakland.

From BuzzFlash:  Darren Wilson was likely paid for his ABC interview.  To date he may have received $1.5 million is fees and donations.  Consider that a bounty for killing a black man.

From AlJazeeraAmerica:  Decision reversed; "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts can be worn.

From People:  President Obama praises athletes for "I Can't Breathe" stance.

From CrooksandLiars:  Of course, the bastard did, and it is apparently not the first time.

From RSN:  The abuse of Mayor Bill de Blasio by the NYPD and related unions.

From TheGuardian:  Dear Fellow White People...

From TheGuardian:  Another "I Can't Breathe" t-shirt controversy.  The truth hurts, doesn't it.

From YahooNews:  There was hell to pay for the callous comments about the Mike Brown memorial in Ferguson.

From Yahoo News via RSN:  Hundreds of cop killings of civilians not reported to the FBI.

From Reuters via RSN:  Hillary Clinton backs federal probes of Mike Brown and Eric Garner killings.  Already she has more balls then so-called Democratic governors in Missouri and New York.

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