Saturday, January 31, 2015

Negromancer's Fave Poli-Reads - January 2015 Edition - Updated #27

From TheNewYorker:  By Andy Borowitz - 6 weeks leave opposed by people who get 33 weeks paid leave.

From TheVox:  Even FOX News is ripping on the John Beohner plot to invite Benjamin Netanyahu (Throw -A-Net-Over-That Yahoo) to speak before Congress.

From TheDailyDot:  Blogger who outed Congressman Steve Scalise for his connection to Louisiana Klansman and Nazi, David Duke, had his home Internet connections cut.

From TheGuardian:  Eric Garner prosecutor has gall - I'll give him that.  His campaign for Congress should go through hell.  Hopefully, the activists will give him hell.

From Time:  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on what terrorists attacks are about.

From BuzzFlash:  The American Sambo Right (black conservative) manga Dr. King's message.

From YahooNews:  Steve Scalise voted "No" to MLK holiday while in the Louisiana legislature.  We're not surprised.

From TheDailyBeast:  This may be irony when it comes to cops and open-carry activist.

From TheDailyBeast:  Steve Scalise's Louisiana Nazis.

From RollingStone:  They are not exactly Charlie by Matt Taibbi.

From ReaderSupportedNewsSenator Elizabeth Warren announces her support for California Attorney General Kamala Harris in her bid to replace retiring Senator Barbara Boxer.

From WashingtonPost:  The Dept. of Justice curbs civil asset forfeiture.  I think the Washington Post's article last September helped this decision come to be.

From WashingtonPost:  The legacy of Bill Moyers.

From YahooNews:  Republicans can't condemn Klan-boy, Steve Scalise, but they'll compare President Obama to Hitler.

From CenLaMar:  The story that originally busted Steve Scalise as a Duker - a supporter of David Duke.  OK, that's not what the article said...

From TheIntercept:  David Cameron marches in Paris, while at home in the U.K., brown people are prosecuted for speech that offends white people

From HuffingtonPost:  A list of Charlie Hebdo cartoons that made the magazine a target.

From the NYT:  President Obama orders full restoration of relations with Cuba.

From USAToday:  Pope Francis plays role in Obama's Cuba plan.

From YahooNews:  The U.S. Supreme Court rejects a new challenge to the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), although it is currently hearing one.

From RollingStone:  6 ideas for a cop-free world.

From TheIntercept:  In case you hadn't heard, Cuba is not returning Assata Shakur.

From CounterPunch:  I am a 20th century escaped slave.

From CounterPunch:  Raul Castro speaks.

From YahooAutos:  President Obama warns Americans not to get to comfortable with falling gas prices.

From RSN:  Yeah, this makes sense.

From NYT:  Ask Congressman Steve Scalise if he ever voted for David Duke.  For a lot of white men who were eligible to vote in the late 1980s and early 1990s, that will be their political kryptonite.

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