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Friday, April 29, 2022

"Cabra Cini" Mini Series Now Live on Kickstarter

Press Release:

Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman is coming for you!

Following a number of anthology short stories and also having appeared in the pages of Geek-Girl, cult character Cabra Cini is graduating to her own Mini-Series – Live on Kickstarter now!

“We've been working on the Mini-Series for some time,” says Cabra's creator/writer Sam Johnson (Geek-Girl, The Almighties), “and with the art now complete, it's time to introduce Cabra to a wider audience… I hope you're ready for what's coming!”

No longer willing to let her boyfriend/pimp treat her like dirt, Cabra Cini got lethal payback with the help of voodoo magik - and liked it. Voodoo became her new addiction and Cabra has cleaned up her act and forged a deadly new vocation…

In her debut issue, we’re introduced to the supporting characters and antagonists in Cabra’s 4-Issue Mini-Series - including her pet werewolf El Hombre Lobo; insane Neo-Nazi White Out and his lobotomized, zombified butler Chives; and her friend-with-benefits Geoff...

Johnson fills us in on Cabra’s potential love interest; “Cabra hasn’t let anyone get close to her in a long time, after what she went through with her ex, and has kept Geoff at arm’s length. But the two have been spending more time together, and Geoff wants to take things to the next level.”

Johnson continues: “When Geoff makes his move, Cabra is using her bastardized version of voodoo magik to meditate herself into her ‘Mind-Scape’ – which she uses to psychically reach out and learn about whomever she’s been hired to deal with. Geoff wants to come in… and Cabra lets him in… but something’s off.

“Cabra routinely utilizes her magik to access a dimension known as ‘The Infinite’ – Limbo’s ‘crazy cousin, locked away in the attic’ – which, for those who trespass upon it, can serve as a dimensional gateway between where they are and wherever they want to go (a boon for finding her ‘hits’). But The Infinite and Cabra’s Mind-Scape – two completely separate dimensions - seem to be overlapping. In her Mind-Scape, Cabra should have complete control – but she seems to be losing it.”

Meanwhile, white supremacist White Out – who, based on urban legend, may or may not be a ghost - is making his presence felt in Cabra’s Detroit neighborhood – offering the upper-classes an opportunity to rid the place of its ‘less desirable elements.’

Johnson continues: “When White Out’s actions impact on Cabra and Geoff, the ‘Voodoo Lady’ gets involved – and things will never be same again for she and her would-be-lover.

“Cabra has broken free of her old life, and is a badass, independent, strong woman,” continues Johnson, before concluding ominously, “With what's coming her way in the Mini-Series, she's going to need to be.”

Written by Johnson (Geek-Girl, The Almighties), illustrated by Nathan Ramirez (Cannibal Family, Red Sonja), with Bruno Letizia, Pablo Zambrano & Jorge Oliveira - Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #1 is live on Kickstarter now, and you can get to it at

Praise for Cabra Cini:

“This is something new altogether. I give it my recommendation. Strongly.” - Michael Wearden, Mike's Comic Blog.

“The pacing’s fast, the art is moving, the surprises many. I applaud Cabra Cini for breaking the limits that female characters can play in comics.” - Wayne Hall, Major Spoilers.

“Smart, effective and highly entertaining. This is from a rising talent in the comics industry.” - Steven Leitman, Reading with a Flight Ring.

“A hard hitting story with incredible artwork. I'm already a junkie and quite addicted to this character and can't wait for more. - Bill Gladman, Comic Related.


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Comics Review: CABRA CINI: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #1


STORY: Sam Johnson
ART: Nathan Ramirez; Bruno Letizia with R.D. Ricci; Pablo Zambrano; Jorge Oliveira
COLORS: Mark Dodson; Harwan Stia Yoga; Jorge Oliveira
LETTERS: Nathan Ramirez; Bruno Letizia with Micah Myers; Jacob Bascle
COVER ARTIST: Carlos Villas

Suggest for mature readers

Cabra Cini created by Sam Johnson

“White Out”

Cabra Cini is a comics character created by writer Sam Johnson.  He is best known as the writer and creator of the sexy superhero, Geek-Girl, who has starred in a comedy-fantasy miniseries and ongoing series.  Cabra Cini is a former sex worker who used “voodoo magik” to free herself of her abusive pimp/boyfriend.  Now, she is a hit woman addicted to voodoo.

Cabra Cini is about to be the star of her own four-issue miniseries, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman.  Johnson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund series.  He passed me an advanced PDF review copy of the first issue.

Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #1 opens with a “Prologue” written by Johnson and drawn by Bruno Letizia with R.D. Ricci.  “Prologue” asks the question, what would you do if the clumsy antics of a young werewolf interrupted your sex life.  If you're Cabra Cini, you fix him...

The main story, “White Out,” is set in Detroit and is written by Johnson and drawn by Nathan Ramirez.  There is a new killer in town.  He's dressed in white from head to toe and he likes to kill Black men; plus, he has plans for the neighborhood.  All Cabra wanted to do was prepare dinner for her man, but now she is forced to face a dangerous, enigmatic stranger.

Kiss That Grrrl” is written by Johnson and drawn by Pablo Zambrano and Jorge Oliveira.  The story finds Cabra in her “Mindscape.”  Her boyfriend, Geoff, wants to join with her … in more ways than one – if he survives the experience.

THE LOWDOWN:  I never really know what to expect when I get a cold call request for a comic book review.  I hope for the best, of course, but I have discovered a number of very interesting comic books either self-published by the creator or creators or published by a small press.  Readers can find excellent comic books in the wilds of independent publishing, as I have found Sam Johnson (although he may have found me).

I am familiar with writer Sam Johnson from his lovable superhero comic book series, Geek-Girl, in which Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman has appeared.  I have wondered if Cabra could carry her own comic book.  Of course, she could if the writer is good, and Johnson is.

What really surprised me is that the story chapters that comprise Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #1 have a genuine sense of drama and also character depth.  There is a sense of the tragic without being overly melodramatic.  The feelings that the characters have for one another come across as authentic; I can believe that Geoff really cares from Cabra Cini.  There is also a strong sense of humor and light comedy that keeps the edgier aspects of this first issue from taking over the entire comic book.

Five artists: Nathan Ramirez, Bruno Letizia, R.D. Ricci, Pablo Zambrano, and Jorge Oliveira draw portions of Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #1.  However, their diverse styles and approaches to graphical storytelling come together.  The change in artists isn't jarring because they seem to share a similar aesthetic.  In fact, having several artists helps to make Cabra Cini come across more like a multifaceted character than a mere clever name and idea.

My opinion is that Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #1 is certainly good enough to make me recommend that readers consider contributing to the crowdfunding campaign for the series, which you can do here … if you so choose.  If Geek-Girl is any indication, Sam Johnson has a world of excellent comics in store for us via Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of writer Sam Johnson's comic books will want to fund Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie #1 is available on Kickstarter now at

The text is copyright © 2022 Leroy Douresseaux. All Rights Reserved. Contact this blog or site for syndication rights and fees.


Friday, March 18, 2022

Comics Review: "ELVIRA: The Wrath of Con" is a Romp of Fun


[There is a new Elvira comic book, Death of Elvira, at Indiegogo.]

STORY: Elvira & David Avallone
SCRIPT: David Avallone
PENCILS: Dave Acosta
INKS: Dave Acosta and Jason Moore (pp. 12-40)
COLORS: Walter Pereyra
LETTERS: Taylor Esposito
EDITOR: Joseph Rybandt
COVER: Dave Acosta and Jason Moore with Ryan Lee
VARIANT COVER ARTISTS: Dave Acosta and Jason Moore; Dave Acosta and Jason Moore with Ryan Lee; Elvira photo cover
56pp., Color, (2021)

Rated Teen+

“The Wrath of Con”

In the early 1980s, actress and model Cassandra Peterson created the “horror hostess character,” known as “Elvira.”  Elvira gradually grew in popularity and eventually became a brand name.  As Elvira, Peterson endorsed many products and became a pitch-woman, appearing in numerous television commercials throughout the 1980s.

Elvira also appeared in comic books, beginning in 1986 with the short-lived series from DC Comics, Elvira's House of Mystery, which ran for eleven issues and one special issue (1987).  Eclipse Comics and Claypool Comics began the long-running Elvira: Mistress of the Dark from 1993 to 2007.  In 2018, Elvira returned to comic books via Dynamite Entertainment in the four-issue comic book miniseries, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, that actually ran for 12 issues.

Since 2021, Dynamite Entertainment has been running crowdfunding campaigns that go towards producing and publishing special issues of its Elvira comic book series.  Elvira: The Wrath of Con is the second crowdfunded Elvira comic book (after Elvira: The Omega Ma'am) and was successfully funded via a “Kickstarter” campaign.  It is written by Elvira (story) and David Avallone (story-script); drawn by Dave Acosta (pencil and inks) and Jason Moore (inks); colored by Walter Pereyra; and lettered by Taylor EspositoThe Wrath of Con finds Elvira the honored guest at a major pop culture convention, but not everyone attending is happy to see her.

As Elvira: The Wrath of Con opens, the busty title heroine is watching footage from her latest film, "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark: The Omega Ma'am."  Directed by Hanover Utz, the film is an exaggerated and inaccurate retelling of Elvira's struggle against a cult leader, Rick Circe, and his orange zombies (as seen in The Omega Ma'am).  Known as the “Sudsies,” these zombies were people transformed when they ingested the cleaning product, “Doctor Sudsy.”

Although Elvira and her script doctor, Eddie Mezzogiorno, object to Utz's cut of the film, the director is sticking to his vision.  In fact, he has produced a teaser trailer for the film, and he wants Elvira to screen the trailer at the “San Diego Pop Culturama.”  Elvira is the “Guest of Honor” at the convention, where she will be feted during the “Queen of the Cure” event, which will celebrate her curing the “Sudsies” zombie affliction.

Not everyone is in the celebratory mood, and despite foreshadowing and a warning in the form of an homage to the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956).  Will Elvira avoid doom, and will she find the super … hero (“The Soul Survivor”) that she needs?

THE LOWDOWN:  Writer David Avallone and artist Dave Acosta were the original creative dream team of Dynamite's Elvira comic book launch.  The crowdfunded Elvira comic books are a chance for readers to have them together again.

Honestly, Avallone's Elvira scripts would still be comedy gold no matter who drew them.  By “who,” I mean a professional comic book, comics, or graphic novel artist, of course.  The plots don't matter, although Avallone fashions intriguing plots.  These plots allow him to skewer American culture and pop culture.  He is one of the few modern comic book writers that would be worthy of finding a place on the original staff of EC Comics' Mad comic book.

Here, Avallone attacks anti-vaxx, anti-intellectual, Tea Party, conspiracy-obsessed reactionaries with the same razor-sharp humor and disdain Mel Brooks used on Hollywood Western films, corrupt politicians, and racists in his 1974 film, Blazing Saddles.  However, Avallone never forgets to deliver Elvira's trademark charming wit and delightfully droll humor in servings that are as bountiful as the Mistress of the Dark's breasts.

Dave Acosta is the kind of comic book artist who seems to get everything right.  He is a master at cartooning the human face in an impressive array of emotions and expressions.  The most amazing thing about Acosta's work on this series is that every single time he draws Elvira, both her charm and sexiness comes through.  Jokes about her cleavage aside, Acosta conveys Elvira physical attractiveness in her poses and in the way he … exposes her lovely legs when depicting that treasured split in her flowing black dress.

And, dear readers, in order to enjoy such a special, special edition of the Elvira comic book series, you have to support a crowdfunding campaign.  Only the good people who fund it get to enjoy the goodness that is Elvira: The Wrath of Con.  If you missed out, there is a new campaign.

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of Elvira and of David Avallone's Elvira comic books will want to read Elvira: The Wrath of Con.

[This comic book includes a seven-page “Thank You” section that thanks campaign contributors (of which I am one).]


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

There is a new crowdfunding campaign for a new Elvira comic book, Death of Elvira.  You can visit the campaign here or at

The text is copyright © 2022 Leroy Douresseaux. All Rights Reserved. Contact this blog or site for reprint and syndication rights and fees.


Monday, November 1, 2021

ThoughtScape Comics Announces New Kickstarter Campaign and Pop-Up Shop in November

Press Release:


The News - The Kickstarter:

PORTLAND, OR - Matt Mair Lowery, writer of the critically-acclaimed Scout Comics YA sci-fi series Lifeformed, announced a new Kickstarter campaign, The ThoughtScape Comics Kickstarter 2022, to fund a three-issue continuation of ThoughtScape Comics, the anthology series he launched via Kickstarter earlier this year. The new campaign will run January 3rd through February 3rd, 2022.

The ThoughtScape Comics series, written by Mair Lowery, features art from a rotating roster of some the most compelling artists in indie comics today. In the tradition of 2000 AD, Dark Horse Presents, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, the subject matter, style and tone of ThoughtScape Comics varies from story to story as Mair Lowery and his collaborators explore the strange possibilities and unique horrors that present themselves when flawed humanity meets the unlimited possibilities of technology.

The campaign will be located at Folks interested in following the series can head to that url now and click the NOTIFY button to receive a message from Kickstarter when the project launches on January 3rd.

The Popup Shop:
To celebrate the announcement of the upcoming Kickstarter and to help folks who missed the Kickstarter get caught up, Mair Lowery is running a popup shop during November where folks can order physical copies of ThoughtScape Comics #1 (quantities are limited). The popup shop is located at The comic is also available in digital form in the same shop.

The ThoughtScape Comics Kickstarter 2022 Campaign Overview:
Goal: Fund THREE 50+ PAGE ISSUES of the new sci-fi anthology series ThoughtScape Comics with a single Kickstarter campaign.
Campaign runs: 1/3/22 - 2/3/22 | Shipping/Fulfillment: Three issues to be released quarterly beginning in June 2022.
Kickstarter URL:

Additional Information:
Even more additional information on Substack:

The Kickstarter campaign for the first issue of ThoughtScape Comics ran earlier this year and raised over $9,000. The comic, featuring a cover by Jenna Cha (Black Stars Above) and stories co-created and drawn (and inked, colored and lettered) by Dave Law (The Space Odditorium), Tyrell Cannon (Beef Bros, ERIS, IDKFA), Lisa Naffziger (Taking Back Tokusatsu) and Karl Slominski (Cult of Icarus), has been praised by creators and press alike:

"A beautifully designed high-concept cornucopia, full of playful layouts and innovative art."
- Liam Sharp: 2000 AD, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman

"ThoughtScape captures the dread of humanhood and the insidious nature of technocapitalism -- masterfully crafted as it is emotionally raw and daring."
- Shoshana Sachi: Producer/Writer, Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

"ThoughtScape Comics is the quintessential, beautifully packaged and expertly made serialized sci-fi anthology that comics needs right now.
- Liana Kangas: Trve Kvlt, She Said Destroy, Black AF: Devil's Dye 

"Fantastic, artistically diverse and engaging stories of a cool far future world, all tied together with prodigious panache by writer Matt Mair Lowery.
- Farel Dalrymple: THE OFTEN WRONG, Proxima Centauri, Pop Gun War, The Wrenchies

A brilliant and beautiful distillation of the best things in both sci fi short stories and comics! ThoughtScape Comics is as captivating as it is haunting..."
- Ryan K Lindsay: Everfrost, Eternal, Deer Editor 

"Packed full of great ideas, fascinating world building and enigmatic characters who we can’t wait to find out more about... a really rather superb read."
- Pipedream Comics

Issues 2, 3 and 4 of ThoughtScape Comics will include collaborations and/or art from:
  • Dave Law (The Space Odditorium, Wolf Punks, Wrong Magnetic Poles)
  • Karl Slominski (Cult of Icarus, Evermore Falls)
  • Tyrell Cannon (Beef Bros, ERIS, IDKFA)
  • Jacob Edgar (DC Comics, Dark Horse, Metal Hurlant, IDW, Dynamite) with Lesley Atlansky (Short Order Crooks, Amazing World of Gumball)
  • Lane Lloyd (God-Puncher)
  • Jeremy Brooks (Radd Tuffman) with Marcus Cripps
  • Luke Horsman (Oathbound, 2000 AD)
  • George Pendle (Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons)
  • ...and more

Contact: Matt Mair Lowery: | | |


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Comics Review: ThoughtScape Comics #1


[UPDATE: ThoughtScape Comics #1 was fully funded on KICKSTARTER.]

STORY: Matt Mair Lowery
ART: Dave Law; Tyrell Cannon; Lisa Naffziger; Karl Slominski
COLORS: Dave Law; Tyrell Cannon; Lisa Naffziger; Karl Slominski
LETTERS: Dave Law; Tyrell Cannon; Lisa Naffziger; Karl Slominski
DESIGN: John Larson
COVER: Jenna Cha
44pp, Color, $8.00 U.S. (digital), $15.00 U.S. (print)

ThoughtScape Comics is new science fiction anthology comic book series from writer Matt Mair Lowery.  Lowery is the writer and co-creator with artist Cassie Anderson of Lifeformed, a YA science fiction graphic novel series published by Dark Horse Comics.

Lowery has stated that each issue of ThoughtScape Comics will contain 44+ pages of content, featuring stories written by Lowery and drawn by up-and-coming comic book artists.  Some of the stories will be self-contained and others will be part of a serial.  Multimedia artist, John Larsen, will provide the graphic design and packaging for each issue.

ThoughtScape Comics #1 contains four stories.  Lowery is joined by artists Dave Law, Tyrell Cannon, Lisa Naffziger, and Karl Slominski.  Two stories are apparently serials, and the other two are standalone stories.

ThoughtScape Comics is set in a world in which humanity's first multi-planet conglomerate, LifeTech, discovered the “ThoughtScape” in the late 21st century.  The ThoughtScape is a fifth dimension where every thought that has ever been thought exists.  Using technology of its own innovation, LifeTech began isolating and monitoring these thoughts (via “ThoughtScape Listening Posts").

Later, LifeTech began capturing and recording these thoughts through Thought & Information Service Collection Officers (TISCOs).  Eventually technological advancements allowed that the entire “ThoughtLives” of both living individuals and of the long-dead could be virtually reconstructed and played back through a variety of media formats.  The stories of ThoughtScape Comics will focus on the designs and intentions of LifeTech; the nature of ThoughtScape; and how people and beings connect, react, and exist with both.

THE LOWDOWN:  For the review of ThoughtScape Comics #1, I will offer comments on each of the four stories individually.

The first story is “Thoughtscape 2319: Parish, The Thought . Part 1,” the first part of a serial.  It is written by Lowery and drawn by Dave Law.  The story takes place at the edges of the galactic frontier in the year 2319.  Week 32.4, Thought & Information Service Collection Officer (TISCO) Odessa Query patrols her beat, currently the Hen 3-593 Di Chamaelontis System – 700 light years from Earth.

Her TISCO ship collects thoughts from ThoughtScape Listening Post Di.Cha.036, while she entertains her ship's neurocorder, Feyla.  Query prepares to move on to her next assigned Listening Post when she is diverted to an ongoing disaster.

Because of its cliffhanger ending, I am excited to read more of this story, especially because Lowery teases something awesome and awful coming to scare us, dear readers.  Dave Law's drawing style is perfect for science fiction comic books, and the design of the characters and the technology are convincing.  I also like Law's impressive title page drawing (for which I wouldn't mind having the original art).

The second story is “A Spy Without A face,” illustrated by Tyrell Cannon.  The story pits a mysterious “spy without a face” against a pack of assassins who have broken into a mysterious LifeTech facility.  Both sides get more than they bargained for in this black and white tale.

Cannon's graphical storytelling is high-speed and hyper-kinetic with the graphic design sensibilities of science fiction anime and manga.  Lowery's story allows Cannon to draw an explosive tale that is visceral and thrilling.  I'd like to see another Lowery-Cannon creation, and this story also made me seek out more information about Tyrell Cannon.

[Art by Tyrell Cannon for the story, "A Spy Without A face."]

The third story is “Adorable Orphans,” written by Lowery and drawn and colored by Lisa Naffziger.  Sally, an elementary school-age girl, loves her “Grammie,” her grandmother.  Her parents seem to despise the old woman, and they are particular about the things to which Grammie exposes Sally.

One day, Sally gets a package from Grammie.  Inside is the season’s hottest toy trend, one of LifeTech’s “Adorable Orphan android dolls” (also called a “DollDroid”).  The girl DollDroid's name is Betty, and she is a great friend for Sally, but everyone else better watch out.

“Adorable Orphans” is by far the best story in ThoughtScape Comics #1.  It is straight-forward, but Lowery is sly and sneaky in the way he surprises the readers in unexpected ways.  For instance, Sally's parents are both snobby and vulgar.  What's going on with Grammie?  And there is certainly more to Sally than what appears on the surface.

Lisa Naffziger's compositions and coloring are more alt-comics than children's comics, although I can understand why some people would see her work as the latter.  Lowery and Naffziger have created in “Adorable Orphans” a concept that could live on its own outside the world of ThoughtScape Comics.  If I were in Hollywood film and television production, I'd swoop in and buy the media rights for “Adorable Orphans” away from the rest of this package.

The fourth and final story is “Ex Post Facto: A Dash Varrick Misadventure . Part 1.”  A press release from Lowery describes the story in the following way:

XXXX#$%@&*!(AGAIN)))...Murder and music at the fringes of the revolution! he’s just a drop in the Co- maXYxXc o p y X > P A S T E Y # % Z o n e , - - h e ’ s - - y o u & M E m e M E . h e ’ s d - d - d a s h D A S H .tooLATEagaFILEretrieveERRORERR.accessing…

The art by Karl Slominski has elements that remind me of David Mack, especially, and of Bill Sienkiewiz, a little.  Otherwise, I have no idea what's going on with this story.

Overall, I like ThoughtScape Comics #1.  It presents such an expansive science fiction concept with a universe of possibilities as big as anything offered by the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises.  I hope a lot of comic book readers get behind the project and financially support it, which they did via Kickstarter. [UPDATE]

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of science fiction anthology comic books (such as 2000 AD) will want to try ThoughtScape Comics.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

The text is copyright © 2021 Leroy Douresseaux. All Rights Reserved. Contact this blog or site for reprint and syndication rights and fees.


Amazon wants me to inform you that the link below is a PAID AD, but I technically only get paid (eventually) if you click on the ad below AND buy something(s).  But that ad is for a graphic novel you might want to give a try.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cartoonist Shaenon K. Garrity and writer Jess Nevins Launch Children's Book Kickstarter

"The Adventurous ABCs" by Jess Nevins and Shaenon K. Garrity is now on Kickstarter.  Garrity is a webcomics creator, and Jess Nevins is a college librarian who has written books about comic books, superheroes, and costumed heroes.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Crowdfunding Platform Launched to Support "Apocalypse Now" Video Game

Apocalypse Now Team Builds Unique Crowdfunding Platform

American Zoetrope and Veteran Crowdfunders Create a New Platform for the Apocalypse Now Video Game

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apocalypse Now is being adapted into a video game, led by game industry veterans with a maverick vision as original and unorthodox as the film 40 years ago. Erebus, a cross-disciplinary team of game developers and crowdfunding experts, have created a new online platform to deliver the latest updates and progress on the video game through the development process, found at Those interested in helping to make the game possible can back via Kickstarter through February 23, 2017 and at from the close of Kickstarter through the game’s launch.

    “In terms of subject matter, source material, and artistic inspiration, Apocalypse Now will be unlike any video game that has come before, allowing our team to dig deeper and be more artful than I've ever dared in my two decades of game development”

With the new platform, the crowdfunding and game experts at Erebus have created a long-term strategic plan for the fans to control and guide the progress of Apocalypse Now and possibly many more projects to come. The platform is designed to complement Kickstarter, as crowdfunding for Apocalypse Now will continue on the new platform after the initial Kickstarter to support the total vision for the game.

The development team builds upon a legacy of writing, production and directorial experience on a dozen role-playing game series, including blockbuster game series such as Fallout, Wasteland, Gears of War, Far Cry, Pillars of Eternity, Witcher, Neverwinter Nights and many more best-selling games. Working under the sponsorship of Francis Ford Coppola’s studio American Zoetrope, the creative team aims to usher Apocalypse Now into the internet age, reimagined as a terrifying role-playing experience.

In the game, players will be able to experience and direct the psychedelic vision of the Vietnam War as originally presented in the film. Apocalypse Now - The Game is an interactive recreation of Cpt. Benjamin Willard’s journey, tasking players with the assassination of Col. Walter E. Kurtz, an officer who has gone rogue and assembled his own army of worshippers deep within the jungle. Each player unveils their own unique version of Willard’s experience, with different aspects of the mission, story and combat-related decisions creating a multitude of new, personalized variations on the Apocalypse Now story.

“In terms of subject matter, source material, and artistic inspiration, Apocalypse Now will be unlike any video game that has come before, allowing our team to dig deeper and be more artful than I've ever dared in my two decades of game development,” said executive producer Lawrence Liberty. "With the site, we are creating a central hub where we can source feedback and direction directly from the people backing the game and I firmly believe that we can make better development decisions with the guidance of a large number of interested and invested players.”

For the latest updates, please visit the Apocalypse Now - The Game Kickstarter page and

Key Links:



Game Facebook:

Motion Picture Facebook:



Game Reddit:

Motion Picture Reddit:

About American Zoetrope
American Zoetrope (also known as Zoetrope Studios from 1979 until 1990) is a privately run American film studio, centred in San Francisco and founded by Francis Ford Coppola. Opened on December 12, 1969, American Zoetrope was an early adopter of digital filmmaking, including some of the earliest uses of HDTV. The studio has produced not only the films of Coppola (including Apocalypse Now, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Tetro), but also George Lucas's pre-Star Wars films such as THX 1138, as well as many others by avant-garde directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, Akira Kurosawa, Wim Wenders and Godfrey Reggio. Four films produced by American Zoetrope are included in the American Film Institute's Top 100 Films. American Zoetrope-produced films have received 15 Academy Awards and 68 nominations.

About Framestore Ventures
Framestore Ventures is the internal incubator and venture division of the Academy-Award winning visual effects company Framestore. Leveraging 1500 creative and technical staff in five cities, Ventures combines homegrown talent and strategic partnerships to develop original IP across many media, with a diverse content slate ranging from TV shows, video games and realtime animation to live experiences, virtual and augmented reality.

About Ringling College of Art and Design
RCAD is a private four-year accredited college located in Sarasota, Florida. They collaborated with Auten and Markland on early visual prototypes of an Unreal Engine 4-rendered Apocalypse Now.

About Erebus LLC
Erebus LLC is a new crowdfunding and development studio of game veterans on a mission to develop Apocalypse Now as a video game. To learn more, please visit:


Friday, July 1, 2016

Kody Chamberlain Announces New Comic Book, "Smut and Jeff," with Kickstarter

From Kody Chamberlain, the creator of Sweets, the "Nawlins noir" comic book from Image Comics:

It's worthy of your support.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Digital Manga Launches Kickstarter for "Kimagure Orange Road"

Do You Long For Some Manga Nostalgia?

DMI’s Crowd Funding For A Favorite 80’s Classic Is Here

Digital Manga Inc. (DMI), a long-time publisher of manga, launches their next new Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund the classic shounen manga, Kimagure Orange Road, for an all new print and digital release! Originally published in Japan from the mid to late 80’s, the Kimagure Orange Road (KOR) manga series ran for a full 18 volumes.

Digital Manga’s plans, through the Kickstarter platform, will be to re-release the series, and collect them into six Omnibus volumes—each volume comprising three volumes from the original Japanese editions (over 550+pgs). The campaign will start off with an initial goal of $34,900, to cover the publication of the first omnibus, with Omnibus vol.2,3,4,5, and 6, each with their own stretch goals. The 40 day running campaign will help spread word to bring back long time fans back to this long remembered classic.

Written by creator Izumi Matsumoto, Kimagure Orange Road tells the story of an indecisive high school student, Kyōsuke Kasuga, specially gifted with ESP, who is intertwined in a love triangle with two other high school girls—tough and introverted Madoka Ayukawa, and happy go-lucky Hikaru Hiyama—both which are also best friends. The series quickly became a classic hit (spinning off novelizations, OVAs, and a full long running anime TV series), because it not only mixed in themes of innocence, love, friendship, comedy and hi-jinks together, it set the standard for teenage-high school-triangle romance for many manga and anime story-telling for years to come.

Digital Manga picked up and rescued the series back in 2014 through its Digital Manga Guild initiative, releasing the remaining individual volumes on their ebook platform, With its continued customer interest, the series, in a short amount of time, proved worthy for a full print publication, including extra special attention to its re-localization for new English audiences to enjoy. Creator Matsumoto, excited for this project, has also offered special unique and one-of-a-kind KOR collector’s items, all signed by him, ranging from hand-drawn shikishis, art books and prints! Listen to him speak now! ( )

Basic Specs per each Omnibus:
-Antique Natural paper stock—(For that classic retro feel!!)
-Size: (5-1/8” x 7-3/16”) (B6 size)
-Language: Localized (translated) to English
-Right to Left Manga reading format
-Pages: avg.~550pgs ea. omnibus
-MSRP: $24.95
-Rated 13+
-Release date: Omnibus 1 ~Aug.-Dec 2016 ;  Stretch Goal: Omnibus 2-6 ~Dec.2016
-Re-localized for Omnibus Print Editions

High hopes with the Kimagure Orange Road Kickstarter campaign are riding with Digital Manga, Inc., as this would open doors to more variety and out-of-the-box projects in the future. With available crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter and the sea of untapped manga Digital Manga, Inc. can bring to the masses, DMI is able to gauge and fulfill the interests of the fan community’s faster and easier with little risk to everyone!

About Digital Manga Inc.
Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga Inc. is one of the industry's most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the West - specifically through the licensing, importation, and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for North America's mainstream and niche markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the spread of Japanese pop culture institutions into the global arena. The company's imprint lines include DMP (its mainstream imprint), DMP Platinum (its classic manga imprint), JUNÉ (its boys love imprint), 801 MEDIA (its adult boys love imprint), Project H (its Seinen Hentai manga imprint) and DMG (a new forefront for its digital distribution initiative).

For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, visit as well as:

Follow on twitter @digitalmanga
Find on Facebook: Digital Manga Inc.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Review: "Da Sweet Blood of Jesus" is Strange and Beautiful

TRASH IN MY EYE No. 50 (of 2015) by Leroy Douresseaux

[A version of this review originally appeared on Patreon.]

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014)
Running time: 123 minutes (2 hours, 3 minutes)
MPAA – R for brief violence, language and a disturbing situation
WRITERS: Spike Lee and Bill Gunn
PRODUCERS: Spike Lee and Chiz Schultz
EDITOR: Randy Wilkins
COMPOSERS: Bruce Hornsby

FANTASY with elements of drama and romance

Starring:  Stephen Tyrone Williams, Zaraah Abrahams, Rami Malek, Elvis Nolasco, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Joie Lee, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, Katherine Borowitz, Donna Dixon, Cinqué Lee, Jeni Perillo, Chiz Schultz, and Naté Bova

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is a 2014 African-American vampire drama and romance from director Spike Lee.  Lee financed the film using the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.  A number of fellow filmmakers and celebrities gave money to Lee's crowdfunding campaign, and each of their contributions was large enough ($10,000, I think) to earn a film credit as an “associate producer.”  Some these associate producers include Oscar-winning director, Steven Soderbergh; owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban; NBA star, Joakim Noah; and CNN's Soledad O'Brien, among others.  The film was released to select theaters and VOD (video-on-demand) by Gravitas Ventures.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is an unofficial remake and homage to Bill Gunn's 1973 film, Ganja and Hess.  Lee's film focuses on a wealthy anthropologist who becomes a vampire after being stabbed to death with an ancient African dagger.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus introduces Dr. Hess Greene (Stephen Tyrone Williams), a wealthy, young African-American anthropologist.  A collector of African art and artifacts, Hess has recently acquired a mysterious dagger originating in the ancient Ashanti Empire.  Hess shares his find with Lafayette Hightower (Elvis Nolasco), a colleague from the Museum of the Republic of Brooklyn.

After a brutal confrontation, Hess discovers that his body is invulnerable to physical harm, and that he also has an insatiable need for blood.  However, the manner in which he must satisfy his thirst is complicated and messy.  When Hightower's estranged wife, Ganja (Zaraah Abrahams), comes looking for her husband, Hess believes that he has found someone with whom to share his new life.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is a strange, melancholy film with wild shifts in mood.  One might even call it bipolar.  Even when one considers the oddities that are sprinkled throughout Spike Lee's filmography (Bamboozled and She Hate Me – to name a few), Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is the oddest.  Still, I found this movie quite watchable, in a weird way; it was as if I could not stop following this film's nonsensical narrative.  I think watching Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is like being ensnared by the alluring gaze of a vampire.

Lee sometimes has a problem unifying the messages and themes he presents in his films in a way that forms a coherent whole.  Lee has described this film as being about humans that are addicted to love and as being a new kind of love story.  Da Sweet Blood of Jesus offers themes of addiction, of HIV/AIDS, and of violence against women.  At one point in the film, Hess tells Ganja that people can be addicted to anything.  However, Hess' vampirism seems like a metaphor for addiction to crack, and his violence acts of women spread his affliction as if were spreading HIV/AIDS.

On the other hand, maybe Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is mostly Lee's tribute to the late Bill Gunn and his film, Ganja and Hess.  I have not seen that movie (and don't plan to), but Lee reportedly reproduces certain sections of the 1973 film shot-for-shot in Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.  If this is true, it would be fitting.  The misunderstood Spike Lee toasting another, perhaps misunderstood filmmaker.

Whatever the case, this unconventional, stubborn, obtuse movie impressed me.  I am always looking for a fresh take on vampires, and this detached, but gruesome, not-quite-a-fantasy film is bloody refreshing.  Also, fans of Lee's film, Red Hook Summer, will find that it is connected to Da Sweet Blood of Jesus via the Lil’ Peace of Heaven Church.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus has a lovely piano score by Bruce Hornsby and an invigorating and imaginative soundtrack featuring songs mostly performed by recording artists who are unsigned to major record labels or by music corporations.  One can enjoy this film's opening credit sequence in which dancer, Charles “Lil Buck” Riley, dances to the opening strains of Hornsby's lovely score.  The use of music in Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is indeed sweet.

7 of 10

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The text is copyright © 2015 Leroy Douresseaux. All Rights Reserved. Contact this site for reprint and syndication rights and fees.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Tom Mandrake and John Ostrander Announce "Kros: Hallowed Ground" Comic Book

Comic Book Legends Mandrake & Ostrander Launch Kros: Hallowed Ground

Vampire horror at Gettysburg in this dark and haunting Civil War era tale from John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake.

War is hell and vampires have brought their own hell to the war between the North and the South. By day, the armies of both sides clash in bloody conflict: by night, the vampires emerge to feast on the wounded and the dying as Blood calls to Blood.

Against this army of  hungry undead rides one man, a vampire slayer known only as Kros. Alone against a vampire army, Kros, a dampyr with an inborn hatred of vampires, knows that if he fails he could become one of the creatures he loathes.

Inspired by films in the genre of John Carpenter's The Thing and stories like Ambrose Bierce's Occurrence at Owl Creek, KROS: HALLOWED GROUND melds history and horror. Writer, John Ostrander, says, “ KROS is THE story we've been wanting to tell! Neither of us are afraid of the dark or taking you there with us! KROS: HALLOWED GROUND isn't only about the war between North and South—to a vampire, you're all part of the feast!”

Renowned for their dark, chilling stories on The Spectre series for DC Comics, as well as for their runs on Martian Manhunter, Batman Grotesk and The Kents,  Ostrander and Mandrake are are thrilled to be collaborating once again on KROS: HALLOWED GROUND.  “Working and creating together, we feed off each others energy,” says Ostrander. Mandrake adds. “Doing this graphic novel as a creator-owned project will allow us to take what we've done before to the next level.” Add to that mix Tom's daughter, Sian Mandrake, on color for the title. “My first thought was to do Kros as a black and white,” says Mandrake,” but Sian's color brings out the moody atmosphere I am going for with the art.”

Tom Mandrake and John Ostrander have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds their new Civil War era horror graphic novel, KROS: HALLOWED GROUND. “KROS has been waiting in the wings for far too long,” says Ostrander. “War is hell--war can also be a nightmare. War is always a horror story and we have a hell of a story to tell.”  Mandrake, who recently traveled to Gettysburg to sketch the battlefields and to try to understand the scope of what took place there, agrees. “Many who have visited Gettysburg will swear they have seen a soldier standing on those battlefields.  There is a haunting atmosphere there. Ghosts still walk.”

Ostrander and Mandrake are funding KROS: HALLOWED GROUND though Kickstarter because they want to bring their fans and readers the kind of story that is not often seen in mainstream comics. KROS: HALLOWED GROUND is a tale of supernatural obsession, the horror of war and of the monster lurking within humankind.

KROS: HALLOWED GROUND is a graphic novel created by John Ostrander (GrimJack, Suicide Squad, The Spectre, Star Wars: Legacy) and Tom Mandrake (The Spectre, John Carpenter's Asylum, Lance Henrikson and Joe Maddrey's To Hell You Ride). John Ostrander's haunting story of obsession and vengence features darkly atmospheric and brooding artwork and cover by Tom Mandrake.


For more information visit:


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Webcomics Update: Grumble #2, Page 6

Grumble Chapter Two, Page 6 is here:

NOTE:  Last year, I printed some promotional copies of Grumble: Chapter One through a POD printer.  I will sign and number a copy of this "rare" comic book for $5 post paid, which you can purchase here or

I am also on Patreon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Archie Comics Launches Kickstarter Campagin For Three New Comic Books

Archie Comics Expands on World of Archie #1 with Three New Titles via Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform

Publisher to launch new JUGHEAD, BETTY & VERONICA and LIFE WITH KEVIN comic book series with help of dedicated fandom

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Archie Comics, the acclaimed and bestselling comic book publisher that is home to some of the best-known pop culture creations in the world, including Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Josie & The Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the hit AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE series, announced today that it would launch a historic crowdfunding campaign via the popular Kickstarter platform.

    “When I first stepped into the Archie offices, the brand was frozen in time. The stories felt stiff and dated. That’s no longer the case”

The Kickstarter campaign’s call to action is a simple one: Help Archie Comics build a New Riverdale. Specifically, the Kickstarter will ask fans to help fund a slate of titles that build off the surefire success of ARCHIE #1 — the debut issue of a new, ongoing ARCHIE series from writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Kingdom Come) and artist Fiona Staples (Saga). The series will be crafted by some of the biggest names in the comic book industry and feature the most beloved characters in comic book history.

The three new titles, launching over the next 18 months, include:

JUGHEAD — Featuring the adventures of Archie’s hamburger-loving best friend, from acclaimed writer Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals, Howard the Duck) and an artist TBA. An off-the-wall series full of laughs, unexpected twists and a modern sense of humor.

BETTY AND VERONICA — Girl-next-door Betty Cooper and wealthy socialite Veronica Lodge are best friends and fiercely competitive. While they both have a history with that guy Archie, the series puts the focus squarely on them — their friendship, their high school lives and adventures beyond Riverdale. Written and drawn by comic book legend Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman, Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan).

LIFE WITH KEVIN — Kevin Keller, the hugely-popular and historic character that broke new ground in Riverdale by being the first gay character in the company’s publishing history returns in a new ongoing series. Writer/artist Dan Parent (Kevin Keller) and inker J. Bone (The Spirit) tell a tale of an older, more experienced Kevin as he navigates a new city, new romance and leaving home.

“Our fans are part of our family — they’re an integral part of everything we do,” said Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. “We’re not flush with corporate cash like Marvel or DC. But we’re also not afraid to take calculated risks. With this Kickstarter, fans have the chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting and forward-thinking initiative. Fans can help build a New Riverdale, brick-by-brick. We’ve put together a stellar lineup of titles — featuring the best and the brightest creators working on our top characters. With your help, we can make this New Riverdale a reality. The best part? This is only the beginning.”

The crowdfunding initiative marks the latest part of the company’s 75th anniversary celebration — while also marking the beginning of a new era for the long-running publisher. With the launch of ARCHIE #1 on July 8, the company will be poised to reimagine its core characters while retaining the humorous and edgy elements that made them instant sensations when they first appeared.

“When I first stepped into the Archie offices, the brand was frozen in time. The stories felt stiff and dated. That’s no longer the case,” Goldwater said. “This is a new Archie. A new Jughead. A new Betty and Veronica and a new Kevin. We’re holding onto the things that made them great — the humor, the love triangle, the friendship and youthful exuberance — but presenting them in a way that can appeal to everyone, from classic comic fans to new readers who might not know every nook and cranny of our history. Each part of this is a brick that will help build a New Riverdale. But we can only do it with your help.”

Archie Comics is the leading mass market comic book publisher in the world and the home to a wide array of the most popular humor, action-adventure and superhero characters in entertainment, including Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica, Reggie, Kevin Keller, Josie and the Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Afterlife With Archie, the Dark Circle Comics superhero characters (The Black Hood, The Fox, The Shield and more), Li’l Jinx and many more. Archie Comics have sold over 2 billion comics worldwide and are published around the world in a number of languages. In addition to comics, Archie characters have been featured prominently in animation, television, film and music. Follow Archie Comics on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the Archie Comics Store.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Greg Pak and Tom Raney Introduce "Phantom Limb Ghostpuncher"

Greg Pak and Tom Raney have released this great promo image for their new character Phantom Limb Ghostpuncher (yeah, you read that right!), debuting in the Broken Frontier Anthology, now funding on Kickstarter (

This story is just one of 27 all-new original creator-owned stories featured in the Broken Frontier Anthology, a unique comics project put together with one purpose only: to support creator-owned comics. That’s why the creators involved are paid up front, while they at the same time keep all the rights to their creations.

The Broken Frontier Anthology features amazing work by over 40 top comics talents, from the established to the up-and-coming, including beyond Greg Pak and Tom Raney the likes of Cullen Bunn, Nathan Fox, Fred Van Lente, Marguerite Bennett, Box Brown, Toby Cypress and many more. They’re all telling stories centered around the theme of breaking boundaries, pushing beyond our human limits and exploring the great unknown.

Check the project’s Kickstarter page for a complete overview of all creators aboard. The Updates section has various videos from our creators where they talk about their stories.

We have also introduced a new goal for this weekend: Nathan Fox, Mike Lawrence, Daniel Warren Johnson & Tom Raney will create a special ART Jam ( on a topic selected by our backers if the campaign reaches $30,000 by Sunday eve, May 10 at midnight.

Retailer rewards for the US, Canada and Europe are also available.

For more information, please contact Broken Frontier Editor in Chief Frederik Hautain at


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Comics Artist, Tyler Kirkham, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

THE FIRST EVER Kirkham art book! Featuring over 13 years of comic book art, commissions, sketches, concept and graphic art. 272 pages!

After being in the world of Comics for over 13 years and art world for even longer, it's about time artist Tyler Kirkham compiled his amazing collection of work into a big beautiful hard cover art book,

Tyler has worked on books like Green Lantern Corps, Action Comics, Superman/Batman, Amazing Spiderman, Ultimate Fantastic Four, X-Men Phoenix Warsong, Tomb Raider, The Darkness, and a hand full of others. Tyler has never put out a sketch/art book of his own, so this is a first!

Tyler Kirkham will be highlighting select pieces from his career and he will be including layouts, sketches, convention sketches and commissions as well as sequential pages, covers, childrens book art, graphic design art, and conceptual art. The ultimate insider look at Tyler's body of work.

Tyler needs Kickstarter ( and HIS FANS to make it happen though. The funds will go to the cost of printing and shipping, the design work and editing, as well as packaging supplies and postage to get the books to your home.

Kickstarter is a perfect platform for an artist to get pre-orders, thus funding the project! He will be offering very special incentives, sketches  and goodies for backers as well.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jamal Igle Needs Help with "Molly Danger: Book Two"

Jamal Igle needs your assistance.

Jamal Igle is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to produce the second book in the Molly Danger series. This is the link:


Friday, April 10, 2015

Digital Manga Announces "Clockwork Apple" Publishing Project

Osamu Tezuka's manga, Clockwork Apple, to be Crowd Funded

After multiple Kickstarter campaigns in an effort to get the god of manga, Osamu Tezuka, printed in English, Digital Manga, Inc. is at it again with their new Kickstarter title, Clockwork Apple. This Tezuka title is an anthology of speculative fiction short stories originally printed from 1968 – 1973. At about 235 pages, the book is planned for a September 2015 release date. Recommended for fans of Eerie and Creepy comics, and the TV series, "The Twilight Zone."

About Clockwork Apple
Written as the New Wave of science fiction emerged, Clockwork Apple delves into the psyche of humans and the consequences of their actions, much to their demise. From Japan to Germany to space, the characters of each story must face their foes, whether it be plant aliens, robbers, political intrigue, selfish humans, or themselves. If you're a fan of 1970s sci-fi stories, this manga would be a great piece to add to your collection.

As a side note, this anthology does not have anything to do with the book, Clockwork Orange. Tezuka liked the vivid image that title invoked, but had never read it before he wrote his manga, though sharp readers may see how Tezuka also writes about how his characters deal with violence.

This title is often regarded as being one of the top five Osamu Tezuka titles, and I agree. Tezuka always excelled in writing stories that could potentially happen in our reality. Pretty scary. - Hikaru Sasahara, President of Digital Manga, Inc.

New to the campaign are items specifically designed with Tezuka characters in mind such as a cabby / paper-boy hat with Rock Holmes embroidered on the back with his usual cocky grin and, for the first time ever, a 3.5”x5.5” Moleskine journal with the Clockwork Apple logo de-bossed onto the cover. Join not just the Tezuka community, but the Moleskine community as well with your ideas and sketches in this limited edition Moleskine.

About DMI and Tezuka Productions
Digital Manga Inc. has over 20 years of experience publishing manga, and president and founder, Hikaru Sasahara, personally knew Tezuka and his dreams of world unity. Hikaru had created Digital Manga, Inc. in order to bring about his concept of "East meets West," and has published many manga including other Tezuka titles like Barbara, Unico, Triton of the Sea, and Captain Ken.
Tezuka Productions has brought to the anime and manga industry controversial books that always pushed the boundaries of what it means to be human. Tezuka does not shy away from showing all the facets of humanity, whether it be sorrow, joy, humor, tragedy, these things encompass what it means to live no matter what type of skin, color, shape, or gender others have. Some famous books Tezuka and his production company have published are Astro Boy, Blackjack, Unico, and Buddha.

Digital Manga Inc.
Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga Inc. is one of the industry's most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the West - specifically through the licensing, importation, and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for North America's mainstream and niche markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the spread of Japanese pop culture institutions into the global arena. The company's imprint lines include DMP (its mainstream imprint), DMP Platinum (its classic manga imprint), JUNÉ (its boys love imprint), 801 MEDIA (its adult boys love imprint), DokiDoki (its exclusive co-publishing imprint with Shinshokan Publishing), DH/DMP (a co-publishing venture with Dark Horse Comics, Project H (its Seinen Hentai manga imprint) and DMG (a new forefront for its digital distribution initiative).

For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, visit as well as:

Follow us on twitter @digitalmanga

Find us on Facebook: Digital Manga Inc.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Strange Kids Club Magazine" Returns with "Bronarr" and Kickstarter

Strange Kids Club Magazine Returns with all-new issue

"A morbid romp through the media culture of the 1980’s." - COMIC BOOKED

AUSTIN, TX—Strange Kid and his pals, Lando and Orwell, are back for a comically cosmic misadventure that takes them across time, space and reality. This time, they’re blasting off to outer space where they meet their cartoon hero—Bronarr: Space Barbarian—and must team-up to save the universe from the evil Lord Gammax in a homage to Saturday morning shows like Thundarr and Masters of the Universe.

Based on characters created by Rondal Scott, Editor-in-Chief of Strange Kids Club, writer Benito Cereno (Tales From the Bully Pulpit, Hector Plasm) and illustrator Jonatan Cantero bring to life a brand new chapter in the saga of Strange Kid—a boy with an unusually big imagination and the ability to turn his wildest dreams into reality. His best buds are Lando, a smart but relatively normal kid, and Orwell, a giant purple chupacabra who only speaks Spanish.

"Vibrantly illustrated by many of today’s top talents... [with] artist interviews and gooey handfuls of dark humor." - RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE

"It's hard to work with these characters and not project my own quirky sense of humor onto them," said Rondal Scott. "My hope is that other people will connect with them as well, unleashing their own inner strange kid in the process. Luckily, I have great collaborators in Benito and Jonatan who understand what I'm trying to accomplish and have the amazing talent to translate it onto the page."

This issue introduces a new character, Bronarr: Space Barbarian, who fans of the "sword and planet" sci-fi subgenre will surely recognize as an homage to heroes like Thundarr, Blackstar, Conan and He-man. Some may even recognize references to Zed from the obscure 1974 film, Zardoz, starring Sean Connery. Without a doubt, Bronarr is a crazy mix of pop culture nostalgia, tongue-in-cheek parody and slam-bang action!

STRANGE KIDS CLUB MAGAZINE #5 also features interviews with up-and-coming comic artists, gag strips, parody articles, a Sectuars toy retrospective, creepy clown "horrorscopes" and more! For full release details and preview art, check out the official Kickstarter page ( or (

Watch the Bronarr: Space Barbarian Intro:

Strange Kids Club (—an online digest of the strange, geeky and subversive—has been dumpster diving through the underbelly of pop culture nostalgia since 2009. Founded by Rondal Scott, Strange Kids Club began life as an art and culture blog but has since grown into a lifestyle brand focused on comics, toys, film, animation and fashion. While the website delivers a daily dose of satirical and totally biased opinions on entertainment news, the brand is also committed to producing original content which includes a comics magazine, collectible art prints, spoof stickers (Circle Jerks Stickers), digital trading cards (Closet Monsters) and parody apparel.

Monday, March 30, 2015

"Rain of the Ghosts" Moves to AudioPlay and Kickstarter

Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan) announces the AudioPlay adaption of his novel, Rain of the Ghosts.

This full cast production features sound effects, music and an award-winning cast including Emmy winners, Ed Asner (Up, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant), and Bryton James (The Young & The Restless, Young Justice), Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner, Sons of Anarchy’s Jacob Vargas and an all-star lineup of animation voice talent from Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Spectacular Spider-Man, Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck.

Rain of the Ghosts is a Young Adult Paranormal adventure about Rain Cacique, a 13-year old girl living on the Ghost Keys, a chain of islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle.  In this first book of the series, Rain discovers she has the ability to speak with ghosts and that a family heirloom holds the key to an ancient secret that mysterious forces want to stop her from learning.

The voice work is already recorded and Greg is running a Kickstarter to complete the post-production at

“This is not a standard audiobook recording, with one guy reading a novel from front to back, struggling to play all the characters, male and female, without any help from music or effects,” says Weisman.  “No, this is a full cast recording: an unabridged AudioPlay with twenty actors, sound effects and a full musical score.  It’s got everything but the visuals – and I promise it’ll fire your imagination enough so that the images will be there too – right inside your head.  This is a studio-quality production without any studio backing or studio interference.”

Rewards include pre-orders of the AudioPlay, dinner with Greg & cast members, as well as an Associate Producer credit on the final product.

About Greg Weisman
Greg Weisman (BA Stanford, MPW U.S.C.) has been a storyteller all his life. His first professional work was as an Editor for DC Comics, where he also wrote Captain Atom.

Greg worked at Walt Disney Television Animation from 1989 through 1996. In 1991, Greg created and developed a new series for Disney: GARGOYLES, becoming Supervising Producer and Supervising Story Editor of that series.

In 1998, Greg became a full-time Freelancer. He wrote the new Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Bad Guys comic books for SLG Publishing, while producing, writing, story editing and voice acting for Sony’s The Spectacular Spider-Man. He then moved over to Warner Bros., where he produced, story edited, wrote and voice acted on the new series,Young Justice, as well as writing the companion Young Justice monthly comic book for DC.

Greg was a writer and Executive Producer on the first season of Star Wars Rebels for Lucasfilm and Disney, and he’s also writing the spin-off comic Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan. His first novel, Rain of the Ghosts, was published in 2013; its sequel, Spirits of Ash and Foam, arrived in bookstores in 2014.

Kickstarter page:
Facebook page:
Twitter: Contact @Greg_Weisman about #RainoftheGhosts

Friday, March 20, 2015

Jamie Hewlett Returns with "21st Century Tank Girl" in June 2015



This June, Titan Comics are excited to announce they are serializing Kickstarter Smash Hit, 21st Century Tank Girl!

After a break of more than 20 years, artist extraordinaire Jamie Hewlett has returned to the iconic character which made his name. Co-created in the late 80s by Hewlett and writer Alan Martin, Tank Girl quickly became a household name and revolutionized British comics industry. This landmark publication reunites the two collaborators for all-new original material!

The 21st Century Tank Girl Kickstarter gained over $350,000.

Titan will publish 21st Century Tank Girl as a 3 issue mini-series written by Martin and illustrated by a stellar line-up of stalwarts and newcomers including Philip Bond (Kill Your Boyfriend), Jim Mahfood (Miami Vice), Brett Parson, Jonathan Edwards, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Craig Knowles and more!

21st Century Tank Girl #1 comes with 2 exclusive Jamie Hewlett covers ​(Cover A: order code: APR151703 and ​Cover B​: ​order code: APR151704​)​  and is available to order from the​ April edition of PREVIEWS. ​

To keep up to date with news about the new series, connect with Titan Comics on Twitter (, Facebook ( Tumblr (