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New Bandai "Star Wars" Model Kits Headed to New York Toy Fair 2017

Visit Bluefin during New York Toy Fair 2017 at Booth #5331


New Kits For Spring Include AT-AT, Snow Speeder, Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, Boba Fett’s Slave I, Millennium Falcon And More!

Anaheim, CA – Bluefin, the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise from Japan and Asia, is bringing an impressive selection of Star Wars Plastic Model kits from Bandai Hobby to New York Toy Fair.

Bluefin will be located at Booth #5331.

Bandai’s Star Wars Plastic Model kits feature trademark color injection molding techniques resulting in intricately detailed vehicles consistent to their on-screen counterparts. Select kits include themed display bases that can be combined with display stands from other Bandai Hobby Star Wars vehicles to create expansive battlefield dioramas. Bandai’s new Star Wars model kits debut at retail in North America starting next month.

Manufactured in Japan by Bandai Hobby, the Star Wars Plastic Model line features notable vehicles from the classic Star Wars films as well as from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Originally available only for the Asian market, these official U.S. releases include English instructions and have product support provided by Bluefin.

Toy Fair 2017 takes place Feb. 18-21, 2017 at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in Manhattan, NY and is a leading annual industry event produced by the Toy Industry Association™, Inc. (TIA), a non-profit trade association representing all businesses involved in manufacturing and distributing toys and youth entertainment products to consumers. TIA’s more than 900 members account for approximately 90 percent of the annual U.S. domestic toy market of $22 billion. Show details are available at:

Bandai Hobby is internationally renowned for its high-quality model kits that blend complex detail and innovative construction that builders of all skill levels will enjoy. A nipper or sprue cutter (sold separately) is highly recommended for assembly, but the following kits do not require glue.

Bandai Hobby’s 2017 line of Star Wars kits includes:

Star Wars 1/72 Scale X-Wing · MSRP: $28.00 · Available March 2017

The 1/72 X-Wing features opening and closing S-foils and a cockpit with 2 different canopy options. Death Star panel themed display stand can connect with stands from other vehicles to recreate the iconic Death Star Trench Run.  The exhaust of the trench and 2 proton torpedo effects are also included to recreate the Rebel victory in "Star Wars: A New Hope." Kit includes seated pilot, part swappable landing gear options, and decals.

Star Wars 1/72 Scale Tie Fighter Advanced x1 “Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter” · MSRP: $28.00 · Available March 2017

Darth Vader's special Tie Fighter, known as the x1, features Bandai's multi=material and color injection technologies.  The different components that make up its wings are molded together, yet remain color separated. Includes 2 different canopy types, a window version made of clear plastic, and also a frame version that can allow the seated Darth Vader to be seen more clearly. Set includes Death Star panel themed display base that can combined with other display stands from other Star Wars vehicles to create impressive battlefields. Set includes laser effects and 1/72 scale seated Darth Vader.

Star Wars 1/72 Scale Tie Fighter ·  MSRP: $28.00 · Available March 2017

A highly iconic ship from the Star Wars universe, the TIE Fighter has been faithfully recreated in 1/72 as a plastic model kit utilizing Bandai trade mark color injection process. Set includes a dedicated display base that can connect with other display stands to build out battlefields. Set includes laser effect parts, 1/72 scale Pilot (seated) and decals.

Star Wars 1/48 Scale Snow Speeder ·  MSRP: $28.00 · Available March 2017

The Snow Speeder as depicted in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back  is faithfully recreated as a 1/48 scale model kit utilizing Bandai's patented four color injection process that allows for rendering of highly detailed parts that are color molded and reduce the need for paint.  Snow Speeder includes 2 1/48 scale seated figures, 2 canopy types (clear plastic or frame). Collect multiple fighters to form your own squadrons! Includes snow terrain themed dedicated display base, laser effect parts, power harpoon, air brake open/close parts and decals.

Star Wars 1/48 Scale AT-ST ·  MSRP: $28.00 · Available April 2017

The chicken walker known as the AT-ST from the Star Wars universe is faithfully recreated as a 1/48 scale model kit. AT-ST features highly detailed articulated legs, rotating head and weapon systems, two 1/48 seated figures, movable view ports for cockpit, opening top hatch. Set also includes terrain themed dedicated display base, and laser effect parts.

Star Wars 1/144 Scale AT-AT ·  MSRP: $48.00 · Available April 2017

From Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, comes the AT-AT in 1/144 scale! The 4-legged mobile transport has stunning details even down to the side paneling. Recreate the memorable attack at the Battle of Hoth scene with multiple kits!  Legs feature individually movable joints that can even bend low enough to recreate the massive behemoth being defeated. Side panels can also be removed. Set includes seated pilot; decals; snow themed dedicated display base; laser effect parts; leg dampers; and articulated head, legs and laser guns.

Star Wars 1/72 Scale Y-Wing Starfighter ·  MSRP: $37.00 · Available April 2017

From Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, at the Battle of Yavin the Y-Wing Starfighter makes its debut in 1/72 scale! The detailing for this vehicle has been thoroughly adapted in scale and brings incredible realism. The inner cockpit and ion propulsion engine have been fine-tuned and the added Death Star motif display base increases quality of display. Set includes dedicated display base, laser effect part, 1/72 scale seated pilot, canopy parts (clear part/frame part), landing gear set, and water-transfer decals.

Star Wars 1/144 Scale Slave I ·  MSRP: $38.00 · Available April 2017

In Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, bounty hunter Boba Fett's vehicle, the Slave I makes its debut as a model kit! The detailing to the included display base mimics the scene of the arrival and departure of Boba Fett in Cloud City. Added wing cylinder parts lets you choose between either parked or flying display for the Slave I! Set includes dedicated display base, select-able path part for display base, 1/144 scale seated Boba Fett, 1/144 scale carbonized Han Solo, laser effect parts, hanger hatch open/close parts, wing cylinder part for parked/flying styles and water-transfer decals.

Star Wars 1/144 Scale Millennium Falcon “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” · MSRP: $50.00 · Available April 2017

The Millennium Falcon as depicted in Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives as a 1/144 scale model kit! Fine detailing has been applied to every inch of this kit. The display base, characters, and added optional effect parts are done in scale and accuracy. Set includes dedicated display base, rear engine effect part, 1/144 Finn, 1/144 Rey, 1/144 Han Solo, 1/144 Chewbacca, canopy parts (clear and frame), hatch open/close parts, landing gears sets, and Water-transfer decals.

About Bluefin:
Based in Anaheim, CA, Bluefin built its reputation as a leading distributor of Japanese toys, collectibles, novelty and hobby products. In recent years, Bluefin has grown to include a range of high quality collectible lines from the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan and established itself as the official North American consumer products and retail development partner for Studio Ghibli. Selling to thousands of specialty, chain and independent stores, Bluefin is an official North American distributor for Bandai Hobby, Bandai Shokugan, and Capcom, and is also an official provider of Bandai Tamashii Nations products, and is also the exclusive and official distributor for Blitzway Studios, Mr. Hobby, SEN-TI-NEL, Storm Collectibles, and X-Plus. Bluefin also represents TruForce Collectibles products worldwide. Additional information is available at:


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