Friday, November 10, 2017

Still Talking "Rogue One" at Negromancer - Update #25

Posted by Leroy Doureseaux - on Patreon.

From CinemaBlend:  Tony Gilroy, who directed the extensive reshoots on "Rogue One" is blunt about what he did.

From ScreenRant:  A Rogue One sequel comic book... kinda.

From Patreon:  The ghosts of "Rogue One" are at play in Marvel's "Star Wars #38."

From Patreon:  A review of "Rogue One: Star Wars - Cassian & K-2SO Special #1" comic book.

From GoldDerby:  "Rogue One" wins "Best Science Fiction Film" and "Best Film Director" (for Gareth Edwards) at 2017 Saturn Awards.

From DiamondPreviews:  The third issue of Marvel Comics' comic book adaptation has been released.

From Deadline:  Mad Mikkelson talks about several things in this interview, including his role in "Rogue One."

From io9:  Marvel Comics has announced a "Rogue One" prequel comic books, "Rogue One: Cassian and K-2SO," which recounts the first meeting of the two characters.

From io9:  There are two new "Rogue One" prequel novels that expand Star Wars canon: "Rebel Rising" by Beth Revis and "Guardian of the Whills" by Greg Rucka.

From Movieweb:  "Rogue One" first saw life as a pitch for a live-action TV series.

From Newsarama:  Marvel Comics will publish a six-issue comic book adaptation of "Rogue One" beginning with the first issue in April.

From TheHDRoom:  Lucasfilm and Disney make it official - Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital dates confirmed.

From ScreenRant:  "Rogue One" Blu-ray release date, April 4, 2017.

From YahooNews:  Lucasfilm releases a video revealing how "Rogue One's" effects came together.

From CBR:  An upcoming novel, "Inferno Squad," will act as a sequel to "Rogue One."

From YahooNews:  "Rogue One" leads Britain's "Empire Awards" with 9 nominations.

From SlashFilm:  Where was Rogue Antilles?

From TheHollywoodReporter:  "Rogue One received 2 Oscar nominations for the 89th Academy Awards.

From TheWrap:  "Rogue One" has crossed the $1 billion mark in worldwide box office.

From YahooNews:  "Rogue One" is now the highest grossing film at the domestic box office for the year 2016.

From YahooMovies:   Defending themselves against criticism, Lucasfilm says that Peter Cushing's estate approved the digital recreation of Cushing's character Grand Moff Tarkin and that Carrie Fisher liked the digital Princess Leia.

From YahooMovies:  Darth Vader's appearance in "Rogue One" almost did not happen, but was tweaked.

From Deadline:  "Rogue One" reachers $914 million in global box office.  It nets $31 million in its debut in China.

From Variety:  "Rogue One" is among the nominees for the 2017 Art Directors Guild Awards.

From NYDailyNews:  Here is a book review of the novelization of "Rogue One," written by Alexander Freed, who has previously written a Star Wars novel.

From IGN:  "Rogue One" novel adds new scenes to story.

From Deadline:  "Rogue One" at $775 million in worldwide box office.

From Deadline:  "Rogue One" is now the second highest grossing film at the domestic box office of 2016, behind "Finding Dory."

From Variety:  Perhaps, a third straight weekend at #1 for "Rogue One."

From Variety:  As of Tuesday, December 27, 2016, the worldwide box office for "Rogue One" is at $615 million.

From Patreon:  My review of "Rogue One."

From Deadline:  "Rogue One" soars past $200 million.

From TheVerge:  "Rogue One" had a different ending.

From ABC7:  Gareth Edwards hopes for lasting cultural impact of "Rogue One."

From Polygon:  Don't be afraid to talk about "Rogue One" and politics.

From Variety:  "Rogue One" has $155 million opening weekend.

From CBR:  Rebellions are built on hope.  Why "Rogue One" matters now.

From YahooMovies:  The inspiration for the "Star Wars" logo.

From Variety:  $71 million in box office (North America) for "Rogue One" on Friday, Dec. 16th.

From Variety:  "Rogue One" debuts with a massive $29 million Thursday night preview, the largest box office for a Thursday preview this year.

From YouTube:  Third and final (supposedly) official "Rogue One" trailer.

From YahooMovies:  Spoilers in third Rogue One trailer.

From Gamespot:  International "Rogue One" trailer with new Darth Vader footage.

From YouTube:  New official trailer - released for the Olympics.

From YouTube:  "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" - Celebration Reel.

From ThePlaylist:   New "Rogue One" poster.

From ScreenRant:  "Rogue One" gets an official synopsis.


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