Friday, October 31, 2014

Negromancer's Fave Poli-Reads - October 2014 Edition - Update #26

From YahooNews:  Finally, Senator Landrieu tells the truth about something.

From YahooNews:  Surprising Israeli political cartoon about Israeli=U.S. relations.

From RollingStone: Paul Krugman - "In Defense of Obama"

From TheDailyBeast:  The suicide of Israeli soldiers after recent Gaza incursion.

From TheNewYorker:  Andy Borowitz says billionaires to retain control of congress after the midterms.

From NewYorkMagazine:  Can Elizabeth Warren (via Jeanne Shaheen) beat Scott Brown again.

From the GuardianUK:  A controversial book about the Matthew Shepard murder.

From ThinkProgess:  Yes, let's soak the 1 percent with a 90 percent tax rate.

From Prospect:  The making of Ferguson.

From TheGuardian:  Four Blackwater mercenaries/employees found guilty in Nisour Square massacre.

From TheGuardian:  Gamergate.

From ThinkProgress:  This judge is a prick for not granting maternity leave.

From RSN:  Mumia and the commencement speech that cause police to go nuts.

From the GuardianUK:  Matt Taibbi on the justice divide between Wall Street and Ferguson.

From SPLC via RSN:  How Cliven Bundy won and is still winning.

From Consortium News via RSN:  The Washington Post strikes back at Gary Webb revival.

From Consortium News via RSN:  Robert Parry talks about Ronald Reagan's CIA and the contra-cocaine saga.

From TheIntercept:  The neocon-UAE-Iraeli plot to declar Qatar a supporter of terror.
From TheNewYorkTimes:  Why is President Obama continuing the embargo of Cuba.
From Consortium News via RSN:  Robert Parry on the mainstream media's tepid response to the ghost of Gary Webb rising again with the release of the film, Kill the Messanger.
From Think Progress via RSN:  The one time the U.S. had "universal childcare."
From Reuters:  Sweden to recognize the state of Palestine.
From the GuardianUK: Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

From YahooNews:  10 States with the worst quality of life... Yes, Louisiana makes the cut.  And her current governor, Bobby Jindal (once called "the little majaraja") thinks his performance makes him a great U.S. presidential candidate for 2016.

From Truthout:  John Cleese weighs in on FOX News and stupidity.


From Salon:  The South (Southern states) has a victim complex.

From MotherJones:  An Alabama law provides lawyers for fetuses.

From Reuters:  The Supreme Court dodges gay marriage.

From Truthout:  Funny Obamacare cartoon.

From Slate via RSN:  (in)Justice Scalia's favorite murderer is innocent.  You just have to laugh.

From Consortium News via RSN:  The New York Times admits that the Contra-Cocaine story was true... belatedly and relatively hidden.

From Politico:  "Something is Rotten in the Secret Service" - includes the author's now infamous line about it being Obama's own fault if he is assassinated.

From the NewYorkTimes:  Our Invisible Rich by Paul Krugman

From RollingStone and RSN: Koch Bros. toxic empire.

From Rolling Stone via RSN:  Koch's respond to Rolling Stone.

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