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Monday, February 15, 2021

#28DaysofBlack Review: GET ON UP

[The late Chadwick Boseman portrayed four African-American historical figures, three of them as the lead actor.  His performance as James Brown in “Get on Up” is an example of why so many are devastated by his passing and also by the loss of what could have been.]

TRASH IN MY EYE No. 14 of 2021 (No. 1752) by Leroy Douresseaux

Get on Up (2014)
Running time:  139 minutes (2 hours, 19 minutes)
MPAA – PG-13 for sexual content, drug use, some strong language, and violent situations
DIRECTOR:  Tate Taylor
WRITERS:  Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth; from a story by Steven Baigelman and Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth
PRODUCERS:  Brian Grazer, Erica Huggins, Mick Jagger, Victoria Pearman, and Tate Taylor
CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Stephen Goldblatt
EDITOR:  Michael McCusker
COMPOSER:  Thomas Newman


Starring:  Chadwick Boseman, Nelsan Ellis, Dan Aykroyd, Jamarion and Jordan Scott, Viola Davis, Lennie James, Fred Melamed, Jamal Batiste, Craig Robinson, Jill Scott, Octavia Spencer, Josh Hopkins, Brandon Mychal Smith, Tika Sumpter, Aunjanue Ellis, Tariq Trotter as Pee Wee Ellis, John Benjamin Hickey, and Allison Janney

Get on Up is a 2014 biographical film and musical drama directed by Tate Taylor.  The film is a fictional depiction of the life of singer, songwriter, recording artist, and concert performer, James Brown (1933-2006).  Get on Up chronicles the rise from extreme poverty of one of the most influential musical performers in history.

Get on Up opens in Augusta, Georgia, the year 1988James Brown (Chadwick Boseman), one of the world's most famous recording artists and performers, gets high on mix of marijuana and PCP.   He visits one of his businesses and discovers that someone from a nearby seminar has used his private restroom.  Furious, Brown confronts the seminar attendees while carrying a shotgun, which he accidentally fires into the ceiling.

The film then uses a nonlinear narrative, following James Brown's stream of consciousness, as he recalls events from his life.  We meet young James Brown (Jamarion and Jordan Scott), living in poverty with his mother, Susie Brown (Viola Davis), and abusive father, Joseph “Joe” Brown (Lennie James).  Eventually abandoned by both his parents, young James lives in a brothel run by his Aunt Honey Washington (Octavia Spencer).

Later, James joins “The Flames,” a gospel singing group fronted by his new friend, Bobby Byrd (Nelsan Ellis).  Soon, they become “The Famous Flames” and sing R&B songs, but within a decade James Brown is ready to go solo.  It would not be the last time James is willing to go it alone on the way to becoming one of the most influential singer, songwriters, musicians, producers, dancers, bandleaders, and recording artists of all time.

Director Tate Taylor and screenwriters Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth have fashioned of a story that looks at two sides of James Brown:  his musical talent and performances and his personal and professional relationships.  This allows Get on Up to give audiences what they want – lots of James Brown on stage – and to also tell a behind-the-music-like story of a complicated man.

Get on Up takes its title from a chorus in James Brown's 1970 hit, “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine.”  Brown does indeed “get on up” every time he experiences something personally or professionally that could have brought him down and kept him down.  The thing that I can respect about this film is that it does not only portray Brown as someone who overcomes, but also portrays him as someone who does not appreciate that he was never alone in creating his success.  Late in the film, Brown breaks the fourth wall (one of many times he does this) to tell the audience that he “paid the cost to be the boss.”  However, he did not pay the cost alone, to which wives, girlfriends, lovers, children, band mates, and employees can certainly testify.

Through the impressive work of Get on Up's film editor, Michael McCusker. Tate Taylor jumps around time to show the many faces of this artist who was, in a way, a chameleon as a performer.  We see moments from the years:  1939, 1949, 1955, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1988, and 1993.  This time-shifting of the film's narrative also reveals the many dark times of Brown's life.

Everyone's work would not mean much without a great performer giving a great performance as James Brown, and Chadwick Boseman certainly does that.  Boseman fashions a James Brown that is perfect for the story that Get on Up tells, creating a Brown that is an inspired genius and a dictatorial general.  Boseman nearly buries himself in the role, and I often found myself forgetting that Get on Up is not a documentary and that the James Brown on screen was a portrait not the real man.  However, Boseman's dynamic performance gives us both sides, the public persona known as James Brown, the musical revolution, and the private James Brown, unyielding to family, friends, collaborators, and partners and beset by demons.

There are other good performances.  Viola Davis packs her own power into every scene in which she appears as Brown's mother, and Octavia Spencer's displays the naturalism of her acting that charms her audiences as well as her fellow thespians.  Nelson Ellis offers a rich and layered performance as Brown's longtime collaborator, Bobby Byrd, and twins Jamarion and Jordan Scott damn near steal Get on Up with their performances as young James Brown.

Because of Chadwick Boseman's tragic passing in 2020, Get on Up will largely be remembered for his performance.  That's a shame because Get on Up is a really good film and is one of the best contemporary biographies of an African-American figure and of an icon figure in popular music in recent memory.  So, I'll take both.  Get on Up captures the music and the madness of James Brown, and the film captures a truly great performance by an actor who was becoming great and greater still before he died.

9 of 10

Monday, February 15, 2021

2015 Black Reel Awards:  3 nominations: “Outstanding Actor, Motion Picture” (Chadwick Boseman), :Outstanding Supporting Actor, Motion Picture” (Nelsan Ellis), and “Outstanding Ensemble” (Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee)

2015 Image Awards (NAACP):  5 nomination: “Outstanding Motion Picture,” “Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture” (Chadwick Boseman), “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture” (Jill Scott), “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture” (Octavia Spencer), and “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture” (Viola Davis)

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Monday, March 23, 2020

BET Announces "What to Watch on BET"

What to Watch on BET, BET+ and BET Digital

Week of Thursday, March 19 - Wednesday, March 25, 2020

“TYLER PERRY’S RUTHLESS” PREMIERED MARCH 19 ON BET+. First three episodes, of the one-hour drama, are available now with new episodes launching every Thursday.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--What to watch across all BET platforms the week of March 19- 25, 2020, including “Tyler Perry’s Ruthless” on the premium streaming service BET+, New episodes of “Tyler Perry’s Sistas,” “Twenties” and “Boomerang” on BET, “Being” on BET Her, “Finding” on BET’s YouTube Channel and more.


#Ruthless @RuthlessBETplus

“TYLER PERRY’S RUTHLESS,” a spin-off of the hit television series “Tyler Perry’s The Oval,” tells the riveting story of a woman named Ruth who kidnaps her young daughter to join her in the dark underworld of a fanatical religious cult. “TYLER PERRY’S RUTHLESS” is the first new original series from Tyler Perry to stream on BET+, a joint venture between BET Networks and Tyler Perry Studios. First three episodes, of the one-hour drama, are available now with new episodes launching every Thursday. “TYLER PERRY’S RUTHLESS” stars Melissa L. Williams, Matt Cedeño, Lenny D. Thomas, Yvonne Senat Jones, Baadja-Lyne Odums, Jaime Callica, Nirine S. Brown, Blue Kimble, Stephanie Charles, Hervé Clermont, Anthony Bless, and Bobbi Baker. “TYLER PERRY’S RUTHLESS” is executive produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. Michelle Sneed also served as Executive Producer of the series for Tyler Perry Studios.


Season seven of BET Her hit docu-series, “BEING,” returns to chronicle the lives of dynamic African American women and their intimate stories of struggle, perseverance, and success in the entertainment industry. Each one-hour episode will highlight one of music and entertainment's most compelling figures, featuring never-before-seen photos, videos, revealing interviews and more. This season will document the lives of Deborah Cox, Arlan Hamilton, Angela Yee, Yandy Smith and Kemba Smith. “Being: Angela Yee” premiered Saturday, March 21, 2020.


Episode #121 “From The Balcony” airs Wednesday, March 25- The dating game has Danni at a disadvantage when her feelings get the best of her. Andi tries to be strong for Gary. Karen stands strong on her principles. Sabrina opens up in the midst of a tragedy.

“TYLER PERRY’S SISTAS” follows a group of single black females as they navigate their “complicated love lives,” careers and friendships through the ups-and-downs of living in a modern world of social media and unrealistic relationship goals. The one-hour drama takes viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions and hilarious moments that are the epitome of #squadgoals. KJ Smith, Mignon, Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown, DeVale Ellis, Chido Nwokocha, Anthony Dalton, Brian Jordan Jr., and Kevin A. Walton star in “TYLER PERRY’S SISTAS.


Episode #105 “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing” airs Wednesday, March 25- A earthquake shakes up the girls’ relationships. Marie becomes wary of Chuck when a night watching porn together goes awry. Hattie grows more fond of Ida when tasked with sorting her old manuscripts, leading to a heart-to-heart that proves both intimate and endearing. The episode features guest appearances by Sean “Big Sean” Anderson and NBA Player Iman Schumpert.

“TWENTIES,” from Executive Producer and Creator Lena Waithe, centers around a screenwriter, Hattie, and her girlfriends Marie and Nia as they pursue their dreams and love, while testing the limits of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in Los Angeles. While they live separate lives, the girls lean on each other for guidance as they navigate their twenties. Jonica T. Gibbs, Christina Elmore, and Gabrielle Graham star in “TWENTIES.” Lena Waithe executive produced with Susan Fales-Hill, who co-show ran with Waithe. Rishi Rajani and Andrew Coles also executive produced. Justin Tipping directed the pilot, and, also executive produced


Episode #203 “Don’t Wanna Love You” airs Wednesday, March 25- - The powers of influence are explored when social media influencer, Tia, lands a high-paying one-night gig at a strip club while David comes under the influence of a new megachurch. The episode will feature a guest appearance by Jaleel White.

Executive Produced by Lena Waithe and Halle Berry, “BOOMERANG” is a half-hour subversive, smart, serialized comedy, fueled by romance, friendship, gender politics, love, and of course, sex. Starring Brittany Inge, Tetona Jackson, Leland Martin, Lala Milan, Tequan Richmond and RJ Walker, the series follows a group of childhood friends who are looking to make their own mark in the world…all while navigating their feelings for each other

Following are some of the week’s additional highlights on BET:


“BLACK-ISH” MARATHON STARTING AT NOON ET/PT— Starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi, Marcus Scribner, Miles Brown, Marsai Martin, Laurence Fishburne, Jenifer Lewis, Jeff Meacham, Peter Mackenzie, and Deon Cole.

“TYLER PERRY’S DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN” at 5:30 PM ET/PT – Starring Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris, Shemar Moore, Cicely Tyson, and Tyler Perry.

“ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS” at 8:30 PM ET/PT— Starring Mike Epps, Ice Cube, and Eva Mendes.


“RAY” AT 4:30 PM ET/PT – Starring Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, and Regina King.

“DJANGO UNCHAINED” AT 8:00 PM ET/PT– Starring Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Samuel L. Jackson.


“TYLER PERRY’S THE FAMILY THAT PREYS” AT 6:00 PM ET/PT– Starring Tyler Perry, Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Kathy Bates, and Taraji P. Henson.

“STOMP THE YARD” AT 9:00 PM ET/PT – Starring Columbus Short, Meagan Good, Ne-Yo, Darrin Henson, Laz Alonso, Valarie Pettiford, and Chris Brown.


“TYLER PERRY'S TEMPTATION: CONFESSIONS OF A MARRIAGE COUNSELOR” AT 6:00 PM ET/PT– Starring Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Lance Gross, Brandy Norwood, Vanessa Williams, Robbie Jones, and Kim Kardashian.


“TYLER PERRY’S MEET THE BROWNS” AT 9:00 PM ET/PT – Starring David Mann, Tamela Mann, Tyler Perry, Lamman Rucker, LaVan Davis, Rick Fox, Chloe Bailey, Angela Bassett, Lance Gross, and Sofia Vergara.





**Descriptions are listed above under “What To Watch” Spotlight section.

Following are additional highlights now streaming on BET+:

To subscribe to BET+ visit

#FirstWivesTV @FirstWivesclub

After neglecting their friendship, best friends Ari (Ryan Michelle Bathe), Hazel (Jill Scott) and Bree (Michelle Buteau) reunite to help each other through rough patches in their lives. Together, they navigate music superstar Hazel's tabloid-ridden divorce, campaign manager Ari's unsatisfying marriage to her political candidate husband, and orthopedic surgeon Bree's cheating husband. Tired of always being the ones to make sacrifices in their lives, Ari, Hazel and Bree vow to prioritize their friendship and have more fun. Along the way, the women learn that as long as they have each other, there's nothing they can't do. The 9-episode, half-hour, scripted series, “First Wives Club,” is based on the popular 1996 film from Paramount Pictures, which featured Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Goldie Hawn. Executive produced and written by Tracy Oliver, writer for the box office hit, "Girls Trip."


“BIGGER,” a half-hour scripted comedy starring Tanisha Long, Angell Conwell, Rasheda Crockett, Chase Anthony, and Tristen Winger, takes place in the East Atlanta neighborhood, Little Five Points. The series follows a single-black-woman who is dealing with the threat of marriage to a boring-in-bed boyfriend and the sudden, random death of a college acquaintance. The tragedy drives her ambitious group of friends to take a deeper look at their stagnant lives, asking themselves— is there something bigger and better in life. The first three episodes of the series will be made available at launch with additional new episodes rolling out on a weekly basis. “BIGGER” was created by Felisha Marye and executive produced by Will Packer and Devon Shepard, who also served as the showrunner.


BET+’s new original movie “SACRIFICE” starring Paula Patton (“Hitch,” “Precious”), takes place in Los Angeles following Daniella Hernandez, played by Patton, a highly sought-after entertainment lawyer. The legal thriller tracks Daniella as she navigates the nefarious lives of her rich and famous clients. Daniella has a reputation that proves problematic to LA Law enforcement, forcing her to be at odds with her sorority sister turned nemesis District Attorney Beverly Rucker. In an attempt to protect her often unscrupulous clients, Daniella enlists the services of her resourceful assistant and a young ex-hacker and tech genius. “SACRIFICE” is executive produced, written, and directed by Chris Stokes. Marques Houston also serves as the film’s co-executive producer for Footage Films. For images, bios and additional show assets go to:


An adaption of the groundbreaking, critically acclaimed television version American Gangster, “AMERICAN GANGSTER: TRAP QUEENS” will give audiences a look into the lives and trials of some of America’s most notorious female gangsters. Each episode employs first-person accounts from the women themselves and cinematic re-creations to give viewers a fully immersed experience into the twisted criminal lives they led.


“DARK MONEY” tells the fictional story of the Mensahs, an ordinary working-class family from North London whose youngest son, Isaac (Max Fincham), upon returning home from filming a major Hollywood movie, shatters the family’s world when he reveals he was abused by a renowned filmmaker while abroad. The four-part BET+ original explores the impossible set of decisions and the consequences that follow when Issac’s parents, Manny (Babou Ceesay) and Sam Mensah’s (Jill Halfpenny) decide to accept a substantial pay-off in return for their silence. A timely and relevant story about the struggle to heal, protect those you love, and seek justice in the face of unfathomable trauma; attempting to answer the question “what is the real cost of silence?”


In BET+’s first original comedy special, “PREACHER LAWSON: GET TO KNOW ME,” Preacher offers a hilarious spin on his life experiences, including his run on American’s Got Talent, and his ongoing life struggles with kitten allergies, veganism, and cold weather-induced ashiness. The hour-long special is now available exclusively through BET’s new streaming service. Filmed at the renowned Vic Theatre in Chicago, “GET TO KNOW ME” is directed by Brian Volk-Weiss, and produced by Comedy Dynamics, A Nacelle Company, the team behind dozens of Grammy award-winning comedy programs, as well as platinum-level specials like Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra and Tiffany Haddish’s She Ready: From The Hood To Hollywood.

Additionally, the first twelve episodes of season one of “TYLER PERRY’S THE OVAL,” original film “INFLUENCE,” thousands of TV episodes and movies from the best Black creators are available to stream now exclusively on BET+, all in one place, commercial-free.

Following are additional digital highlights to read and watch on BET Digital:


BET’s original music series, “FINDING,” based on the long-lost talents of the ‘90s and early 2000s industry scene highlight hit-makers prepared to peel back the layers of their rise to stardom and rewinding to R&B and hip-hop’s prized era. “FINDING,” season 2 features Lil’ Zane, Chingy, Nicole Wray, Case, Young Bloodz, Murphy Lee and more. Watch and share Lil’ Zane’s episode now at:

A rotating list of guests, including everyone from some of your internet faves to weekly home-viewers, jump in for a hilarious weekly reaction/recap video covering the latest episode of Lena Waithe’s “TWENTIES.” Watch and share the link below:

In a funny and occasionally over-the-top recap series, Lena Waithe catches up with the breakout stars of her hit show “BOOMERANG” to get their reactions and in-depth character analysis on situations in the show. Click and share the link below:

“BET BUZZ”: 5 daily topical news and entertainment videos

BET Digital launched a new daily video series highlighting the trending topics of the day. From celebrity news and election insights to COVID-19 updates, has you covered. Watch and share the link below:

    Zion Williamson Vows to Help Arena Workers:


BET relaunches the beloved music franchise with a new weekly video series featuring music artists answering social media questions from their fans. Watch and share the links below featuring Masego: -
    BET YouTube -

Glam Gap

Exploring influencers in the style, beauty, and lifestyle space, launched their weekly Glam Gap video series featuring Honey Pot founder Beatrice Dixon discussing her startup journey and the positive response she received after the backlash to her Black History Month ad for Target. Watch and share the links below:

    BET Her YouTube: –

#ReclaimYourVote: Mike Bloomberg interview

BET Digital traveled to Washington, DC to interview Democratic presidential Mike Bloomberg about his plan to address the concerns of the American-American voters prior to dropping out of the campaign race. Watch and share the links below:

    Full interview on BET YouTube -
    Full interview on -
    BET writeup:

Black Women’s History Month Trading Cards

To celebrate the accomplishments of Black women during Women’s History Month, BET Digital launched a series of beautifully designed trading cards highlighting the achievements of actresses, influencers, startup founders and more.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

BET Announces #BLACKGIRLSROCK Celebrants

Ava DuVernay, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cicely Tyson, Erykah Badu, Dr. Helene D. Gayle and Nadia Lopez Honored as This Year’s “Black Girls Rock!™” Celebrants

Ciara, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Faith Evans, Fantasia, Sheila E. and Lalah Hathaway Confirmed to Rock the Stage During “Black Girls Rock!™” 2015

Hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King, “Black Girls Rock!™” Will Tape March 28, 2015 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BET Networks is excited to reveal this year’s “BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™” 2015 celebrants:

Cicely Tyson, Living Legend Award

Ava DuVernay, Shot Caller Award

Dr. Helene D. Gayle, Social Humanitarian Award

Erykah Badu, Rock Star Award

Nadia Lopez, Change Agent Award

Jada Pinkett Smith, Star Power Award

Additionally, Ciara, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Faith Evans, Fantasia, Sheila E. and Lalah Hathaway will be hitting the stage as performers for “BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™” 2015 along with surprise musical performances. The televised special celebrates its fifth year honoring the triumphs of inspirational African-American women who are trailblazers in the areas of art, philanthropy, sports, and community service. As previously announced, Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King will co-host the event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center located in downtown Newark, New Jersey. Tune in to watch “BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™” on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 7 pm/ET.

“BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™” nationally broadcast its televised debut on BET Networks in 2010. Going into its fifth year on TV, the dynamic award show continues to represent a revolutionary landmark in media, diverging from traditional award shows by honoring powerful women through didactic, entertaining, and inspiring content. “BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™” will air on BET Networks this year for the first time since 2013 and will premiere on BET Networks in the UK on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 9pm BST (check local listings).

For updates or more information about “BLACK GIRLS ROCK! ™” visit and

Join the conversation on social media by logging on to BET’s multiple social media platforms:

• On Twitter by using hashtag: #BlackGirlsRock; follow us @BET and @BLACKGIRLSROCK

• On Facebook by liking the fan pages at and

• On Instagram @betnetworks and @BLACKGIRLSROCK

Founded by celebrity DJ and philanthropist, Beverly Bond, BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™ is a multifaceted movement dedicated to shifting the culture of media images and empowering women and girls. BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™ Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, that has been committed to enriching girls through leadership, education, and positive identity development programs since 2006. BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™ Inc. builds the self-esteem and self-worth of young women of color by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons and providing tools for self-empowerment and efficacy. For additional information on BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™, visit

BET Networks, a subsidiary of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIA.B), is the nation’s leading provider of quality entertainment, music, news and public affairs television programming for the African-American audience. The primary BET channel reaches more than 90 million households and can be seen in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and sub-Saharan Africa. BET is the dominant African-American consumer brand with a diverse group of business extensions:, a leading Internet destination for Black entertainment, music, culture, and news; CENTRIC, a 24-hour entertainment network targeting the 25- to 54-year-old African-American audience; BET Digital Networks - BET Gospel and BET Hip Hop, attractive alternatives for cutting-edge entertainment tastes; BET Home Entertainment, a collection of BET-branded offerings for the home environment including DVDs and video-on-demand; BET Event Productions, a full-scale event management and production company with festivals and live events spanning the globe; BET Mobile, which provides ringtones, games and video content for wireless devices; and BET International, which operates BET in the United Kingdom and oversees the extension of BET network programming for global distribution.

New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), located in downtown Newark, New Jersey, is among the largest performing arts centers in the United States. It is the artistic, cultural, educational and civic center of New Jersey -- where great performances and events enhance and transform lives every day. As New Jersey’s Town Square, NJPAC brings diverse communities together, providing access to all and showcasing the State’s and the world’s best artists, while acting as a leading catalyst in the revitalization of its home city. Through its extensive Arts Education programs, NJPAC is shaping the next generation of artists and arts enthusiasts. NJPAC has attracted over seven million visitors (including more than one million children) since opening its doors in 1997, and nurtures meaningful and lasting relationships with each of its constituents. Visit or call 1-888-GO-NJPAC for more information.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

43rd NAACP Image Awards Nominations: Music Categories

The 43rd NAACP Image Awards winners will be announced in a ceremony, February 17, 2012 and broadcast live on NBC.


Outstanding New Artist
• Committed (Epic)
• Diggy Simmons (Atlantic Records)
• Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. (Columbia Records)
• Mindless Behavior (Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope Records)
• Wynter Gordon (Big Beat/Atlantic Records)

Outstanding Male Artist
• Anthony Hamilton (RCA Records)
• Bruno Mars (Elektra Records)
• Cee Lo Green (Elektra Records)
• Chris Brown (Jive Records)
• Common (Warner Bros. Records)

Outstanding Female Artist
• Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
• Jennifer Hudson (Arista Records)
• Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)
• Ledisi (Verve Forecast)
• Mary J. Blige (Geffen)

Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration
• Boyz II Men (Benchmark Entertainment/MSM Music Group)
• Cee Lo Green feat. Melanie Fiona (Elektra Records)
• Mary J. Blige feat. Drake (Geffen)
• Sounds of Blackness (Malaco Music Group)
• The Roots (Island Def Jam Music Group)

Outstanding Jazz Album
• "Chano y Dizzy" - Terence Blanchard and Poncho Sanchez (Concord Music Group Inc.)
• "Friends" - Stanley Jordan (Mack Avenue Records)
• "Guitar Man" - George Benson (Concord Jazz)
• "Legacy" - Gerald Wilson (Mack Avenue Records)
• "Road Show Vol. 2" - Sonny Rollins (Emarcy)

Outstanding Gospel Album - (Traditional or Contemporary)
• "Becoming" - Yolanda Adams (N House Music Group)
• "Church on the Moon" - Deitrick Haddon (Verity Gospel Music Group)
• "Hello Fear" - Kirk Franklin (Verity Gospel Music Group)
• "Something Big" - Mary Mary (Columbia Records)
• "The Journey" - Andraé Crouch (RiverPhlo Entertainment)

Outstanding World Music Album
• "Afrodiaspora" - Susana Baca (Luaka Bop)
• "Carnival Fever" - Brother B (King Chero Records)
• "Live at 2011 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival" - Boukman Eksperyans (MunckMix, Inc.)
• "Sounds of Blackness" - Sounds of Blackness (Malaco Music Group)
• "The First Grader" - Alex Heffes (Varese Sarabande)

Outstanding Music Video
• "25/8" - Mary J. Blige (Geffen)
• "Hear My Call" - Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)
• "I Was Here" - Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
• "Someone Like You" - Adele (Columbia Records)
• "Where You At" - Jennifer Hudson (Arista Records)

Outstanding Song
• "Best Thing I Never Had" - Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
• "Fool for You feat. Melanie Fiona" - Cee Lo Green (Elektra Records)
• "I Smile" - Kirk Franklin (Verity Gospel Music Group)
• "So In Love feat. Anthony Hamilton" - Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)
• "Someone Like You" - Adele (Columbia Records)

Outstanding Album
• "4" - Beyoncé (Columbia Records)
• "F.A.M.E" - Chris Brown (Jive Records)
• "I Remember Me" - Jennifer Hudson (Arista Records)
• "Lasers" - Lupe Fiasco (1st & 15th/Atlantic Records)
• "The Light of the Sun" - Jill Scott (Warner Bros. Records)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 NAACP Image Award Winners in Television Categories

42ND NAACP Image Awards Television Winners List:

Outstanding Comedy Series: “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”
Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series: David Mann – “Meet the Browns”
Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series: Vanessa Williams – “Desperate Housewives”
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Ice Cube – “Are We There Yet?”
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Sofia Vergara – “Modern Family”
Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series: Kevin Rodney Sullivan – “Modern Family” (Game Changer)
Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series: Aaron McGruder – “The Boondocks”

Outstanding Drama Series: “Grey’s Anatomy”
Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series: LL Cool J – “NCIS: Los Angeles”
Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Regina King – “Southland”
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Terrence Howard – “Law & Order: Los Angeles”
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: S. Epatha Merkerson – “Law & Order”
Outstanding Writing in a Dramatic Series: Shonda Rhimes – “Private Practice” – (Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?)
Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series: Millicent Shelton – “Men of a Certain Age” (Go with the Flow)

Outstanding TV Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special: “Sins of the Mother”
Outstanding Actor in a TV Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special: Idris Elba – “Luther”
Outstanding Actress in a TV Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special: Jill Scott – “Sins of the Mother”

Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series: Rodney Saulsberry – “The Bold and the Beautiful”
Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series: Tatyana Ali – “The Young and the Restless”
Outstanding News/Information (Series or Special): “Unsung”
Outstanding Talk Series: “The View”
Outstanding Reality Series: “Sunday Best”
Outstanding Variety (Series or Special): “UNCF An Evening of Stars Tribute to Lionel Richie”
Outstanding Children’s Program: “True Jackson, VP”
Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children’s Program (Series or Special): Keke Palmer – “True Jackson, VP”
Outstanding Documentary (Theatrical or Television): “For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots”

Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: "Why Did I Get Married?" Finds Laughs in the Drama of Married Life

TRASH IN MY EYE No. 10 (of 2008) by Leroy Douresseaux

Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? (2007)
Running time: 118 minutes (1 hour, 58 minutes)
MPAA – PG-13 for mature thematic material, sexual references, and language
DIRECTOR: Tyler Perry
WRITER: Tyler Perry (based upon his play)
PRODUCERS: Tyler Perry and Reuben Cannon
EDITOR: Maysie Hoy
2008 Image Awards winner

DRAMA with elements of comedy and romance

Starring: Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Sharon Leal, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White, Denise Boutte, Lamman Tucker, Keesha Sharp, and Kaira Whitehead

Why Did I Get Married? is the fourth Tyler Perry film in a little over two-and half years and Perry’s third directorial effort. Perry’s tried and true formula of inspiration, friendship, prayer, and God is evident in every moment of Why Did I Get Married?, and Perry’s continues to improve as a filmmaker.

Eight married college friends reunite for their annual retreat to an exotic locale. This year the retreat is a beautiful Lake Leland home in the snowy mountains of Colorado. Best-selling author and popular psychologist, Patricia (Janet Jackson), and her successful architect husband, Gavin (Malik Yoba), share a tragedy that may tear their marriage apart if the two ever decide to be open about it. Rising attorney Dianne (Sharon Leal) is career driven, but her supportive husband, Terry (Tyler Perry), is fed-up that his marriage is sexless and that the couple has only one child. Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus (Michael Jai White) argue all the time. The final couple is Shelia (Jill Scott), a sweet woman troubled by body-image issues because of she is way overweight. Her weight issues are exacerbated by her emotionally abusive husband, Mike (Richard T. Jones), who has actually brought his barely-secret mistress, Trina (Denise Boutte), on the retreat.

The friends expect fun and relaxation on their retreat, but when the secrets and lies come pouring out, friendships and marriages seem broken beyond repair. Then, Sheriff Troy (Lamman Tucker) comes to the rescue.

Tyler Perry’s “Black gospel theatre” stage plays are loud, raucous, and preachy, and the ones that Perry has adapted to film retain much of their spell-the-message-in-capital-letters charm. Not all of the acting is good Janet Jackson as Patricia and Sharon Leal as Dianne love to act it out loudly and, thus, are a bit too over the top. Still, Why Did I Get Married? works. You’ll find yourself pulling oh-so hard for the downtrodden and mistreated (especially Shelia), and loving it when the villains get their comeuppance (especially Mike). There’s plenty of reason to call up giant belly laughs or even howl with laughter (thanks to the delightful scene-stealing Tasha Smith as Angela).

The message here, as it always is in Perry’s work, is believe in yourself and never believe that God has abandoned you. Well, then, thank God for Tyler Perry – for making fine, entertaining films like Why Did I Get Married? with this simply, but too true message.

8 of 10

Thursday, February 28, 2008

2008 Image Awards: 1 win: “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture” (Janet Jackson); 3 nominations: “Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture” (Jill Scott), “Outstanding Motion Picture,” and “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture” (Tyler Perry)