Thursday, January 7, 2021

"Golden Elm Flower Awards" Announces Its First Slate of Winners; "One Second" Named Best Picture

2021 First Chinese Film Awards: The First Golden Elm Flower Awards From the Aollywood Film Critics Association Released the Winners in Macau, China

MACAU--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On Jan 5th, 2021, the first Chinese film awards of 2021, the first Golden Elm Flower Awards from the Aollywood Film Critics Association, released the winners of each award category in 2020 in Macau, China. "One Second" directed by Zhang Yimou won Best Motion Picture, Guan Hu won Best Director for "The Eight Hundred", Pema Tseden won Best Screenplay for "Balloon", Zhang Yi won Best Actor for "One Second", and Gong Li won Best Actress for “Leap”.

Fan Wei won Best Supporting Actor for his outstanding performance in the movie "One Second". In fact, his role as the village teacher Fan in the "Last Lesson" unit of film "My People, My Hometown" also impressed the audience. He is the well-deserved best supporting actor in the Chinese films in 2020. Elaine Jin won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Ji Minglan in the film "Spring Tide". Her wonderful performance won the recognition of most judges.

Actress Liu Haocun, who is only 20 years old, is a shining star emerging in the Chinese films in 2020. With her stunning performance in "One Second" and "A Little Red Flower", she won the award for Best Newcomer without any surprise.

Among several technical awards, Cao Yu won Best Cinematography for "The Eight Hundred", Zhang Yibo won Best Film Editing for "Leap", and Lin Mu won Best Production Design for "The Eight Hundred".

The first Golden Elm Flower Awards - Complete list of winners for 2020 Chinese films:

Best Motion Picture
“One Second”

Best Documentary
“Tough Out”

Best Director
Guan Hu, “The Eight Hundred”

Best Screenplay
Pema Tseden, “Balloon”

Best Actor
Zhang Yi, “One Second”

Best Actress
Gong Li, “Leap”

Best Supporting Actor
Fan Wei, “One Second”

Best Supporting Actress
Elaine Jin, “Spring Tide”

Best Newcomer
Liu Haocun, “One Second”, “A Little Red Flower”

Best Cinematography
Cao Yu, “The Eight Hundred”

Best Film Editing
Zhang Yibo, “Leap”

Best Production Design
Lin Mu, “The Eight Hundred”


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