Saturday, January 30, 2010

New People Anime and Sci-Fi Flicks for February

Press release from VIZ Media:


Theatre Scheduled To Present A DEATH NOTE Film Marathon, 20th CENTURY BOYS DVD Release Party And A GURREN LAGANN Encore Double Feature

VIZ Cinema, the nation’s first and only movie theatre dedicated to Japanese film, gives Bay Area anime, sci-fi and pop culture fans a variety of special movie events to look forward to throughout February.

VIZ Cinema leads off with Death Note movie marathon on Saturday, January 30th in support of the Animation On Display convention (January 30th–31st) taking place at the nearby Hotel Kabuki. On February 9th, the theatre will screen 20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope to celebrate the release of the second DVD of the exciting live-action film trilogy from VIZ Pictures. Rounding out the month’s anime-related events will be an encore double-feature presentation of Gurren Lagann: The Movie 1 & 2 – for one night only – on Sunday February 21st. VIZ Cinema offers special combo tickets for $15.00 for the Death Note and Gurren Lagann double-feature showings. Preview trailers and screening times for all films are available at:

Saturday, January 30th, 7:30pm

Sample the action and suspense of the live-action films based on the bestselling supernatural mystery manga that sold over 15 million copies! The story begins when ace student Light Yagami finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue “Shinigami” death god named Ryuk. Any human whose name is written in the notebook will die. Upset with the justice system, Light takes matters into his own hands and vows to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of all evil. Special discount combo tickets available for $15.00 for films 1 & 2! Regular admission is $10.00 when purchased separately. Animation On Display attendees receive $2.00 off the regular price with attendee badges. No additional discount will apply to $15.00 combo tickets.

Saturday, January 30th, 10:00pm

Death Note 2: The Last Name begins on the heels of the first movie as Light Yagami joins the investigation team in pursuit of the serial killer known as “Kira.” While L still strongly suspects that Light is “Kira,” Light tries to uncover L’s real name so he can kill him with his Death Note. But things get complicated when a new rash of murders all around the world take place, with a “Second Kira” claiming responsibility. Light learns the identity of the Second Kira and suggests they join forces to get rid of L. Will L be able to catch “Kira” before he is killed?

Tuesday, February 9th 7:30pm

Don’t miss the exclusive event preceding the long-awaited DVD release of 20th Century Boys 2 from VIZ Pictures. It’s now 2015, and Friend rules a disturbing new world. Kenji’s niece, Kanna, is now in high school and her textbook contains a fabricated story about him being the terrorist behind the horrific events of 2000. Kanna, knowing the truth, openly resents this, and as a result she is marked as a problem child and sent to Friend Land, a facility where people with rebellious anti-Friend behavior are re-educated. There Kanna learns a crucial secret about Friend. Tickets for this special screening are $25.00 and will include a copy of the 20th Century Boys 2 DVD, a postcard, and NEW PEOPLE pin buttons to all who attend. $10.00 tickets are also available for regular admission.

Gurren Lagann: The Movie ~ Childhood’s End
Sunday, February 21st 5:00pm

Based on the hit animated television series, this sci-fi feature takes place in a fictional future in which human beings have been forced to live in closed-off underground villages. Kamina and Simon are constrained by the limits imposed by the village elder. Yet, all this will change when Simon stumbles across a fantastic mechanized device – just as the village’s peace is broken by a violent intrusion. Special discount combo ticket is now available for $15.00 to watch films 1 & 2.

Gurren Lagann: The Movie 2 ~ The Lights In The Sky Are Stars
Sunday, February 21st 7:30pm

Overcoming the loss of loved ones, Simon survived mortal combat with the Beastmen leader Lordgenome. Seven years later, humans have returned to the surface to build a flourishing civilization. But, the peaceful times don’t last forever as humans begin developing beyond their world into outer space and encounter an unknown enemy.

VIZ Cinema is the nation’s first movie theatre devoted exclusively to Japanese film and anime. The 143-seat subterranean theatre is located in the basement of the NEW PEOPLE building and features plush seating, digital as well as 35mm projection, and a THX®-certified sound system. Tickets and schedules are available at [END]

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