Thursday, January 28, 2010

Director Says Jurassic Park IV Will Happen

According to the website, Comic Book Movie, director Joe Johnston told

"Well, there is going to be a Jurassic Park IV. And it's going to be unlike anything you've seen. It breaks away from the first three—it's essentially the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy. It's going to be done in a completely different way. That's pretty much all I can tell you."

That would be great.  Ever since the fourth film didn't appear in 2005, I've been waiting... and waiting.  The reasons for the now 9-year wait since Jurassic Park III are many.  The main reason is apparently that boss Steven Spielberg found the scripts delivered for the fourth film lacking in one way or another - for instance, some scripts had too much science which slowed the story and some too much action and not enough science making the story shallow.

One of my favorite directors, John Sayles, who also works as a scriptwriter-for-hire and script doctor, reportedly wrote one of the scripts that was seriously being considered back around 2004-05.  I'd recently read somewhere that Sayles' script or parts of it may still be used.

Johnston's next film is the remake of The Wolfman, due in Feb. 2010.

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