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Comics Review: "REDCOAT #1" - Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind

IMAGE COMICS/Ghost Machine

STORY: Geoff Johns
PENCILS: Bryan Hitch
INKS: Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie
COLORS: Brad Anderson
LETTERS: Rob Leigh
EiC: Brian Cunningham
COVER: Bryan Hitch with Brad Anderson
VARIANT COVER ARTISTS: Ivan Reis and Danny Miki with Brad Anderson
48pp, Colors, 3.99 U.S. (April 2024)

Rated “T+/Teen Plus”

Redcoat created by Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch

Redcoat is a new comic book series from writer Geoff Johns and artist Bryan Hitch.  The series is part of the “Ghost Machine” shared creator-owned universe, and Redcoat is one of the group of mysterious, secret heroes known as “The Unnamed.”

Redcoat #1 opens in 1775.  Paul Revere is announcing the coming of the Redcoats when some Redcoats (British Army) set upon him.  He is saved by John Hancock who uses some of the “magicks” of the “Founding Fathers” that he possesses.

This brings us to the story of Simon Pure, a Redcoat, who isn't much of a soldier.  By his own admission, he is a coward, cheater, absconder, and deserter.  He isn't a virtuous soul who will face insurmountable odds with conviction, courage and honor.  Still, his lousiness is why he has a fated meeting with the founding fathers, and that leads to the curse of his immortality.

He can't die, but he's broke and hungry all the time.  Still, over a century after he met his magickal destiny, Simon finds himself caught between mysterious, dark forces and one of the world's most famous geniuses – as a boy.

THE LOWDOWN:  I was able to procure a PDF review copy of Redcoat #1.  Thus, I decided to review it for you, dear readers.

I didn't expect much from it.  After all, to of DC Comics' twenty-first century stalwart writers, Geoff Johns and Scott Snyder, have consistently delivered underwhelming creator-owned comic book series or at least, mediocre individual issues of their creator-owned titles.

I didn't expect much, but I got a little more than I expected.  Is that enough to keep me reading past this first issue?  Read on.

Early on, Johns was laying an egg with this first issue of Redcoat, but it picks up at about the halfway point.  Honestly, its late improvement isn't enough to get me to come back for more Simon Pure.  Pure is a type – the hapless hero who falls into a great event because that's what the writer wants.  We're supposed to see ourselves in him as well follow him to greatness or to at least the winning side.  Truthfully, Simon Pure is the same kind of white guy I've been reading and watching in fiction for decades, and at this point in time, I'm not as willing to follow him as I was decades ago.

The main reason I gave this first issue a try is because I'm a big fan of Bryan Hitch's work on comic books like The Authority and The Ultimates, but Redcoat #1 is generic Bryan Hitch.  I don't see any reason to come back for more of that.  But Brad Anderson's colors are quite spiffy.

Yeah, there's something here.  Maybe, it will get better, but I, for one, don't have the time to suffer average work from a “superstar creative team.”

I READS YOU RECOMMENDS:  Fans of Geoff Johns and Bryan Hitch will want to check out Red Coat... maybe.


Reviewed by Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a. "I Reads You"

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