Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Yen Press Releases "King of Eden" Manga

Yen Press amps up the horror with the release of the new manga, King of Eden.  The visceral new work is written by Takashi Nagasaki is the acclaimed co-author (along with famed creator Naoki Urasawa) of Monster, 20th Century Boys, Master Keaton, Billy Bat, and Pluto.  With stunning artwork by SangCheol Lee, King of Eden demonstrates a rare and flawlessly executed collaboration between Korean and Japanese creative forces.

King of Eden is available now in print and digitally.

King of Eden Summary:
Entire villages are going up in flames across the globe, with the same man left standing at the scene every time. Meanwhile, rumors abound of a highly contagious virus where those infected fly into a blind rage, killing anything and everything that crosses their path. As the death toll rises, agencies from nations around the world get together, looking for answers-How are these incidents connected? Who is that man? And most importantly...can the massacres be stopped before humanity is doomed? King of Eden would make for a fitting story ahead of any Halloween-related coverage.


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