Tuesday, September 4, 2018

"TV Cortos" is Latin America's First Short Movie Channel

Shorts International Launches Latin America’s First Short Movie Channel to Air Exclusively on DIRECTV

LONDON and LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Shorts International, the world’s leading short movie entertainment company and operator of the ShortsTV channel, is pleased to announce the launch of TVCortos, the new Latin American HD TV channel dedicated to short movies.

TVCortos is available to viewers through DIRECTV, the pay-TV service that delivers the best entertainment experience to more than 8 million subscribers in South America, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and the Caribbean. With a library of over 5,000 titles, including award-winning and star-studded live action, animated and documentary shorts, Shorts International is uniquely positioned to capitalize on Latin America’s appetite for short content. The channel is an all-Spanish language feed, with Spanish original-language content representing approximately one-third of its programming at launch and pushing rapidly above 50%.

Shorts International also plans to roll out its dedicated short movies app across Latin American markets in the coming months, as the global shift in entertainment preferences towards short form content with multi-platform availability continues to gather pace.

Carter Pilcher, CEO of Shorts International, commented: “Working with DIRECTV at the forefront of entertainment in Latin America is exciting. It’s where some of the world’s most important trends are being established. Entertainment tastes are changing globally but Latin American audiences are leading the way into shorter form entertainment. Now, TVCortos is bringing the highest quality short form entertainment - the best films from Latin and international creators - to create one big entertainment opportunity for Latin America.”

TVCortos will stream on channel 1521. In addition, on demand content from TVCortos will be available through DIRECTV’s digital platforms.

About Shorts International

  •     Shorts International is the world’s leading short movie entertainment company
  •     With over 5,000 titles, Shorts International has the world’s largest library of shorts available on TV, online and in theatres, including award-winning and star-studded live action, animated and documentary shorts from around the world
  •     Shorts International owns ShortsTV, the world’s only 24/7 HD TV channel dedicated to short movies. It is available in 47 million households with 7 million subscribers across the US, Latin America, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia
  •     In 2018, ShortsTV launched the ShortsTV App which marries the linear ShortsTV feed with the functionality of the Internet, at the click of a button on a viewer’s remote control. Using advanced machine-learning algorithm technology, the ShortsTV App enables viewers to either watch TV or to create, control and personalize their own TV channel, engineered to their desired genres or moods
  •     Online, ShortsTV offers hundreds of the world’s best independent shorts for download on iTunes in 92 countries, as well as on Amazon Instant Video (UK, US and Germany), Google Play (US and Canada) and Verizon and Frontier (US)
  •     Since 2006, Shorts International has exclusively presented the ‘Oscar Nominated Short Films’ theatrical release in cinemas across the US, South America, Europe, Australia and South Africa
  •     Shorts International is headquartered in London, England and is represented in the US by Shorts Entertainment Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary located in Los Angeles, CA. The company is led by Carter Pilcher, CEO, and is owned by Shorts Entertainment Holdings, with AMC Networks as a significant minority shareholder


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